Video: NYU students really hated Trump's SOTU speech which hasn't happened yet

Since it is, unfortunately, SOTU Day, we might as well have a bit of fun while we wait for this tedious, pointless charade to be over with. The Washington Examiner has the coverage of a fun video prank put together by Campus Reform. They went out to interview some students at New York University and find out what they thought about the President’s State of the Union address. (That would be the one which won’t happen until tonight.) As usual, there was no shortage of students who were all too eager to jump in with their own critique of the President’s awful speech.

College students at New York University said they hated President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union speech, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

“Quite racist, at the very least, if not up there with the most racism,” one student told Campus Reform when asked about how Trump’s remarks went.

“I didn’t watch it ’cause I couldn’t bring myself to watch it,” another said.

“It’s offensive. It is crazy, but I’m not shocked by it by what he’s done in the past,” another female student added.

Pop in your earbuds or turn on your speakers and enjoy.

This isn’t exactly new territory for comedy. Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts have done the same thing in the past, though generally making fun of perceived conservative interview subjects. I suppose we could say it speaks to the rather poorly informed state of too many students today, but we’ve seen victims of all ages fall for these pranks.

But let’s be honest here. Do you really want to be that guy or that gal who winds up in a clip which is rapidly circulated around your community? Perhaps it’s time to add one more item to a list of pieces of advice which all young people should be informed of. (And even if you didn’t like the rest of this article, you should print out this bit and carry it around to be used with people you care about.)

1. If you find yourself getting ready to take off your clothing in a place where you or anyone else is holding a cell phone or other video/camera recording device, ask yourself if you would be comfortable asking your parents, siblings, friends, enemies or spiritual leader to hold the camera for you. If the answer is no, then stop. They’re all going to see it sooner or later.

2. If you are on your computer or mobile device and have gotten out your credit/debit card to enter the numbers on a screen, ask yourself if you have made absolutely sure that the site belongs to who they claim to be and if you trust that source completely. If the answer is no, put away your card. Better yet, cut it up, because you probably aren’t ready for that sort of responsibility yet.

3. If someone comes up to you anywhere with a microphone and/or camera and begins asking you your opinion about something and you’re not absolutely positive that you’re up to date on the topic, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with an answer of, “I’m not familiar enough with this subject to comment on it.” Anyone who would mock you for such an answer isn’t worth your time.

If you can follow those three simple rules, life is going to go a lot more smoothly for you.