So you thought the War on Christmas was cancelled, eh?

If you were worried about the sudden outbreak of nuclear war with North Korea, good news! Since we don’t like fighting too many wars at the same time, Little Rocket Man will have to wait until we get this War on Christmas sorted out.

I know… you thought that battle was over and done with, flushed down the memory hole with the departure of Barack Obama. But think again. The battle against putting the Christ back in Christmas isn’t being waged by elected officials and candidates this year… or at least not as much. They’ve outsourced the job to our nation’s colleges. Cheryl Chumley at the Washington Times has a roundup of schools directing everyone to steer clear of God this year and focus on more secular ideals.

College administrators around the country, it seems, are rushing to acquiesce to even the most minor of voices on campuses to make sure the “C” word — that’s “C” for Christmas, shhh! — doesn’t cause angst in some offended student’s ears.

Basically, they’re driving hard to drive out the reason for the season, Jesus Christ.

The overriding message?

Don’t be religious.

Campus Reform notes that the University of California, Irvine, is emphasizing a “focus on celebrating a special occasion, instead of a specific holiday.”

Like an end-of-term party, maybe?

That first example came from U.C. Irvine which might not grab your attention. That’s just par for the course and isn’t any more surprising than seeing something like that coming out of Berkeley. They’re trying to, “ensure that office celebrations are not indirectly celebrating religious holidays.” As I said, not too shocking by California standards.

But it’s not just the left coast. Cheryl has compiled a lengthy list of other examples. SUNY Brockport (that’s the State University of New York) is directing students to Create a winter theme with lights and color rather than religious icons. Lord only knows we wouldn’t want a bunch of religious icons cluttering up Christmas. Ohio University wants public decorations to be secular in nature.

Perhaps the biggest shocker comes from the University of Alabama’s student newspaper. They want everyone to not only keep the campus free of religious claptrap during the holy season but to vocally call out the Trump administration (presumably Melania, since she decorated the White House) for putting a nativity scene on the lawn. Precisely why that’s such a particularly heinous sin as compared to other public spaces isn’t explained, but it takes a swipe at the First Family, so why not? Of course, this is the student newspaper at the University of Alabama, not the faculty, so perhaps things aren’t as far gone there as it sounds.

It’s Christmas time, folks. For many of you, that means it’s time to celebrate one of several other holidays or none at all. We’re all fine with that. None of the major religions have marching orders calling for making everyone miserable at this time of the year. Decorate and celebrate as your personal calling dictates. And pull your kids out of these colleges while they’re home on break. You’re wasting your money and poisoning their minds.