Canada's welcoming refugee policy questioned after terror attack

With everything else going on in the past few days it was probably easy to miss the other terror attack that happened over the weekend. No, not the knife attack in France, though that was alarming as well. This one was in Canada. A Somalian “refugee” who had been welcomed into the Great White North went off the rails on Saturday, staging his own attack on innocent civilians.


While this particular terrorist didn’t manage to kill anyone, he did plow a car into a law enforcement officer, stab him, and later run down more people in a separate vehicle. (BBC)

A Somali-born refugee has been charged with five counts of attempted murder in connection with a weekend attack in Edmonton, Alberta.

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30, also faces dangerous driving and weapons possession charges. Five people, including a uniformed police officer, were injured in the Saturday night incident.

Authorities said the suspect could still face terror-related charges but none have yet been laid.

This ISIS flag they found in Sharif’s vehicle pretty much put any questions of motive to rest. It was later revealed that the suspect had been investigated two years earlier for “promoting extremist ideology” but wasn’t deemed a threat.

While everyone affected will thankfully survive, the incident is already raising questions about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his “welcoming” policy toward refugees. Clearly Sharif was not in Canada to embrace their culture and indulge in his love of poutine. As Reuters reports this week, in the wake of the attack, Canadians are asking if enough is being done to vet the flood of new arrivals, particularly when they come from known terror hot spots like Somalia.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said it would be wrong to blame the attack on any alleged shortcomings or failures in Canada’s immigration and refugee vetting system.

“There’s absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever. The investigation is ongoing, but that conclusion is just not supported by the facts,” Goodale told reporters in Ottawa as he headed into a meeting of the Liberal government’s cabinet…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the Edmonton attack “another example of the hate that we must remain ever vigilant against.”

Despite the incident, Canada’s government said it was keeping the terrorist threat level at medium, where it has been since late 2014.


I’ll confess right up front that I’ve been a bit on the glib side when encouraging Canada to take all of the illegal aliens who have been crossing the border in upstate New York, fleeing from Donald Trump. And as long as they are the garden variety border jumpers who are, at most, playing small ball when it comes to crime I still say that Justin Trudeau is welcome to them. But that doesn’t apply to supporters of Islamic terror who are basically time bombs waiting to go off.

When the President recently announced that he would be lowering the cap for the number of refugees we take in each year to 45,000, the usual list of liberal suspects were up in arms. But it’s a lesson that Canada might want to take a look at. For each country dealing with this subject it’s not a matter of the raw number of bodies you’re taking in, but the resources you have available to properly vet them. The United States has enough trouble keeping up with the number of people we have to look into now, but Canada is a vastly smaller country by population.

Just how wide open can Trudeau throw the doors to his nation? They’re bringing in immigrants by the thousands now and, as we’ve seen at the New York border, not all of them are coming in through the normal channels. I’m sure they’re doing their best in terms of vetting, but at some point you’re simply going to overwhelm the system. Can Canada afford to cut that process short in the name of political correctness and liberal dogma?


I’m not saying that Sharif was one of these cases. He’d been in the country for several years. But he does serve as a cautionary tale now that the flood of people looking to settle in Canada is expanding.

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on November 29, 2023