Peaceful protesters injure two Portland Police during riot

The timing of this story (which broke while everyone was busy watching Hurricane Irma) is somewhat ironic. When it comes to Antifa, different cities are crafting their own unique strategies. In Berkeley, the mayor is actually calling for classifying the left wing terrorists as a street gang, allowing more resources to be applied to tracking and controlling them. Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, the police are going in the opposite direction and dumping their gang tracking database because it’s perceived as being too racist. Keep that last sentence in mind as we move forward here.

Portland’s police may want to rethink that situation after last night. Antifa showed up in force once again and, being unable to find any conservatives or perceived right wing activists, they decided to just go after the cops. After the smoke bombs, mace and makeshift weapons were finally cleared from the field, two officers had been injured. (Fox News)

Antifa demonstrators hurled smoke and projectiles at police officers during rallies in downtown Portland on Sunday, injuring at least two, according to police.

The Rally and March Against White Nationalism, which was organized by the Portland Stands United Against Hate group, started off at a park on the waterfront with speakers leading demonstrators in song and prayers, Fox 12 reported.

After police changed the planned route of the march to avoid violence, tensions built up between the demonstrators and an opposing group, Patriot Prayer, also scheduled to hold a rally.

The irony runs deep in this tale, folks. This event was supposedly organized by Portland Stands United Against Hate, but all of the hate on display was coming from their side of the ideological field. The rally originally scheduled by Patriot Prayer had actually been moved to Vancouver, Washington to avoid problems and the cops had done a solid job of separating the few conservative supporters who showed up from the mass of Left Wingnuts who were attempting to drown everyone else out.

If that had been the extent of it the entire day would have turned out to be generally a non-event in terms of newsworthiness. Of course, Antifa wasn’t going to let a good opportunity for violence go to waste. Hence the smoke bombs and other physical attacks.

Coming full circle, here’s something for the Portland Police to consider. While you are busy deleting all the entries in your gang tracking database because you’re afraid of looking “racist,” go visit your colleagues who were injured yesterday. You have a gang violence problem and at the moment the gang in question is Antifa. And if you look at the photos from the event and the mugshots of seven radicals who were arrested, they’re pretty much all white people.

Perhaps a tad less political correctness and few more riot shields and batons are in order. These aren’t peaceful hippies braiding flowers into their hair. Antifa is showing up to fight and you’d better be ready the next time they do.

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022