Why the U.S. should send heated trailers for illegal aliens to Canada

You may recall that last month we talked about an unusual border crossing “station” in Upstate New York. Up near the tip of Lake Champlain there’s a small village where you’ll find a dead end street named Roxham Road. Beyond the dead end there is a path through the woods which brings you to the Canadian border after a relatively short walk. And illegal aliens in the United States have been flooding the area to “escape” from America and the threat of being deported in the era of Trump.

The Canadians have been welcoming these new arrivals thus far, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running into a problem. Winter is coming in a far more real-world way than anything out of Game of Thrones and it gets very, very cold up there. What to do with all of these “refugees” when the snow and ice begin falling in earnest? The Canadians are trying to round up some heated trailers for them. (Daily Caller)

After engaging the Canadian military to build a tent city for illegal refugees crossing at the Quebec-New York border, the Trudeau government now wants to buy trailers for them since winter is coming.

The government issued a tender seeking bids on “winterized trailers” that can be delivered on six-weeks notice.

“These tents do have heaters, but we also have a very, very cold winter in this country and so we are, as a precautionary measure, looking at the possibility of trailers,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau told reporters on Friday. Garneau, a former astronaut with deep U.S. connections, has been appointed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s point man on the growing border crisis that Trudeau insists is under control.

The Canadians have budget problems of their own, just as we do. They are also old, long standing allies of ours. That’s why I believe that it’s time for us to tighten our belts a smidgen and have Congress allocate money to buy the heated trailers that Trudeau needs and ship them up to Quebec ASAP. We’re probably not talking about more than ten or fifteen thousand dollars each at the most and I’m sure we could find some trailers or trains to get them delivered. Heck… let’s send a couple hundred of them.

At the same time, we need to refocus our Border Patrol strategy in this region of New York. We need more agents on the ground up there with larger vehicles. But not to apprehend these illegal aliens and take them into custody. Instead, we should be picking them up and offering them free rides to the end of Roxham Road. As the weather continues to get colder we may want to consider issuing them all a sweater, some mittens and perhaps a thermos of hot chocolate.

Does this sound like a waste of money to you? It’s not. We spend so much of our time, energy and resources trying to round up the people coming into our country illegally that when we find a place where they’re actually willing to leave of their own volition we need to offer them all the help we can. Liberals have been arguing for ages that one reason not to bother deporting illegal aliens is that it costs, on average, more than ten thousand dollars to locate, arrest, detain, process and deport each individual. If you can facilitate just 200 of them crossing the border into Canada in the first winter the trailers would pay for themselves.

Let’s get this done, folks. If we can’t get Congress to put up the money for these trailers, maybe we could get a Kickstarter campaign going.

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