Hey, let's just ban veterans from colleges

What are the odds that this is even real? We’ll dig into the details a bit, but right up front I’m going to stake out at least the possibility that it’s either a hoax or one person with a printer and too much free time on their hands.

The story in question comes to us from the University of Colorado, where someone (we’re not sure who) found a “newsletter” on a campus bulletin board supposedly coming from a “group” named the Social Justice Collective. The single page item has a welcome notice and an editorial with the lunatic title, Should Veterans Be Banned From UCCS and Other Universities? The details in the crudely developed editorial answer the question in the affirmative. (CBS Denver)

A newsletter is causing controversy after it was posted at a Colorado college.

The letter appeared on a bulletin board at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. It’s titled Social Justice Collective Weekly, and it says military veterans should be banned from classes.

It compares the military culture to white supremacist groups.

Doing a quick search I came up with a full copy of the newsletter at a sub-reddit without too many comments. Since it fits on the page I’ll just include the whole thing here.

As you’ll see, the author’s name is listed as Terry Steinawitz, but the school claims there is nobody there by that name and it doesn’t produce much in the way of hits outside of coverage of this story. Odds are it’s an alias being employed by either a hoaxer or someone who didn’t want their actual name associated with anything this monumentally stupid.

The only thing I wouldn’t write off here is the possibility (or more likely probability) that a significant percentage of current student populations would be nodding their heads in agreement. The broad brush accusations in the letter are as laughable as they are insulting. It suggests that veterans make “at risk” minority students nervous, as well as implying that they frequently belong to right wing groups for white supremacists or… the NRA. (Okay. I’ll give “Terry” that last point. As far as veterans go, a lot of us actually are NRA members.)

But to return to my original point, I just can’t buy this as being anything serious even in an age when college campuses have given us pretty much every reason to abandon the higher education system as a lost cause. If this was serious, the “group” would have established more of a presence, at least the in the form of a Facebook page and a couple of Twitter accounts. Until somebody steps forward with some proof I’m calling BS on this one.