The President is apparently an underground hit in Hollywood

Every Hollywood awards show these days is pretty much a running advertisement for liberals and the Democratic Party. And once they finished drying their eyes and sobering up after last November’s elections, most of the acting community began organizing to #RESIST in every free moment they could spare from the set or the cocktail party circuit. But… not all of them.

Paul Bond at the Hollywood Reporter has been interviewing the Friends of Abe (conservatives mostly undercover in Tinseltown) and reports that Trump’s popularity hasn’t waned a bit. In fact, it may actually have grown, though the number of them willing to go on the record is still quite small. (Emphasis added)

THR reached out to more than 50 members of Friends of Abe — a private group whose membership is made up of conservatives working in Hollywood — to gauge their support, or lack thereof, for the president. Ninety percent refused to speak on the record. “Too hot. No way,” said one filmmaker. “No upside,” said another. Asked one actor, “Are you trying to get me killed?” Another said, “I’m staying away from politics for the foreseeable future.”

One of the handful of actors willing to speak up on Trump’s behalf was Scott Baio, but there’s two points worth noting there. First of all, Baio spoke for Trump at the RNC so he wasn’t exactly in the closet. And second, when was the last time you saw him land a major role on the left coast? But he did have some rays of sunshine to spread around for the White House.

“All this does is help Trump because people have had it. Conservatives in Hollywood have had it,” he says. “We know who Trump is, and we don’t believe the propaganda, and I don’t think most of the country does, either. The media is almost irrelevant. It’s predictable and boring. I want the man to get his agenda through, and everything else is a sideshow.”

I wouldn’t expect those numbers to swell in the coming months, at least among the ranks of those willing to profess either conservative views or admiration of Trump in public. That’s baked into the glitter covered cake for the most part when it comes to Hollywood. The only stars and major studio figures who do so are either quickly out of work or are already so established and powerful in that industry that they simply can’t be ignored. (Eastwood comes to mind most commonly.)

If you really cared about this (and I’m not suggesting you should), the only way you’ll see a change in the self-adoring culture of Hollywood is to hit them in the wallet. Nobody out there takes the hint when liberal, politically theme movies continually crash and burn at the box office (see Ms. Sloane) because they’re still making their money and funding that west coast lifestyle off all the blockbusters which draw massive audiences. If that money started drying up and their industry focus groups began telling them that liberals were destroying the industry, that just might get their attention. The other alternative is to find somebody to build a matching movie powerhouse out in flyover country and start banning liberal actors from the leading roles.

Yeah… like that’s going to happen.

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