Video: Democrats shouting down the "wrong sort" of Democrats at NN17

As usual, Netroots Nation 2017 is serving up all sorts of goodies, most of which are being missed in the mainstream media because of the flurry of other news. One of the incidents this week deserves at least a brief look however, since it speaks volumes about the current state of the Democratic Party and the schism currently taking place there. One of the scheduled speakers at the event was Stacey Evans, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives and a candidate in the Democratic primary race for Governor of that state. It’s important to say that Ms. Evans was a scheduled speaker, because she didn’t get the chance to do very much actual speaking.


No sooner did she take the stage than a group of protesters surrounded the platform, holding up signs and chanting to drown her out and shut down her appearance. What were they upset about? Does she favor some pro-gun or pro-life policies? Was she seen wearing a Make America Great Again hat or something? Nope. The answer, which becomes clear in this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, was a bit less subtle than that.

Democrat Stacey Evans’ speech to a conference of progressive activists descended into chaos on Saturday, as protesters interrupted her repeatedly and she struggled to make herself heard over chants of “support black women.”

Evans, a Smyrna state legislator who is white, expected a tough audience at the Netroots Nation event, where her rival Stacey Abrams was treated like royalty. But she said she at least expected to be able to make it through her remarks.

That didn’t happen.

Almost as soon as she took the stage, a ring of demonstrators – some holding stark signs criticizing her – fanned out in front of Evans. The chanting soon followed. Pleading repeatedly for the room to speaks – “let’s talk through it,” she implored – the demonstrators at times drowned her out.

Here’s a 45 second video which was tweeted out during the display. It gives you the true flavor of what was actually going on.


Nobody was saying a thing about Evans’ policies, voting record or insufficiently progressive positions. The chants were all about “Support Black Women.” In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, Evans is white and one of her opponents in the primary, Stacey Abrams (who is described in the article as having been “treated like royalty”) is black. That’s the entire difference. In fact, when one of the AJ-C reporters caught up with the protesters to ask about their opposition to Evans, they couldn’t come up with a thing. (Emphasis added)

One of the demonstrators, Monica Simpson, said she made her stand because she wanted to show she was “true to progressive values.”

Asked why Evans hasn’t met that standard, Simpson couldn’t point to any votes or policy stances. But she said she wants “a candidate that truly speaks to my community.”

“This is our opportunity, especially as black women, to make it known or clear that this is standing on true progressive values,” said Simpson, who lives in Atlanta. “And if you’re not, we’re going to make that clear.”

Remember when we talked about the DNC’s push for everyone to embrace intersectionality? You’re seeing it in action here. Everything is about race so therefore everything is about gender. Evans’ opponent hits the jackpot by meeting both demographic categories while Evens only checks one of the boxes. And therefore she must be silenced.


This is how the ascendant, far left wing of the Democratic Party is prioritizing their efforts for 2018 and beyond. Those old school Dems who are interested in reaching a wider audience need to either get with the intersectionality agenda or step out of the way before this train runs them down.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 09, 2023