San Francisco can't stop illegal aliens, but by God they can keep chocolate milk out of schools

The City by the Bay is finally coming to grips with the major problems stalking their streets. No, it’s not the illegal aliens who are shooting their residents after being evicted from the country multiple times. (Don’t be silly.) They’ve discovered that some of the students in the local schools are actually drinking chocolate milk with their lunch. Ladies and gentlemen… (yes, and all of you “others” on the gender ambidextrous list) this calls for immediate action. (BizPacReview)

In the battle to provide nutritional choices for schoolchildren, isn’t chocolate milk better than no milk at all?

According to San Francisco legislators and school officials, the answer. apparently. is no.

Students from elementary through high school grades will no longer be able to enjoy this cafeteria staple in the coming school year, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Elementary and middle schools will have the devil’s brew known as chocolate milk eliminated when school begins in the fall, with the high schools being rid of this scourge some time in the spring. I suppose there were worried that the high school kids are more likely to be armed when the inevitable revolt starts.

I thought I remembered a similar story out of California before, and BPR dredged up the same thing. An identical program was tried in Los Angeles schools over a period of six years before it was finally abandoned. Here’s what they discovered:

  • Schools serving only white milk wound up with far less milk consumed and more thrown in the trash
  • Schools serving chocolate milk saw milk consumption increase by 12.5 million cartons per year across the district
  • Cornell University found that banning chocolate milk resulted in less milk consumed, more waste and fewer kids buying school lunch
  • Chocolate milk provided the same nutritional value as white milk and had no adverse effects on the childrens’ weight

San Francisco continues their proud tradition of employing the nanny state to save people from themselves. God forbid anyone actually ate or drank anything they enjoyed. Pretty soon the school menu will consist of pretty much nothing but kale, brown rice and room temperature water. At that point, the kids will probably just stop showing up entirely, and given the education they’re likely to get from the local school system, they’ll probably be better off learning at home anyway.

Well done, California. You continue to be a role model for the rest of the nation to emulate.