Sunday morning talking heads

This week’s round of Sunday gab festivals will hit a variety of topics, but the two biggies are the Senate healthcare bill and, of course, Russia, Russia, Russia. Is the latest effort to repeal and replace Obamacare dead before it gets out of the gate? And what did Barack Obama know about Russian “meddling” and when did he know it? Trump’s been tweeting up a storm about it so expect that to be brought up pretty much everywhere.

HHS Secretary Tom Price will be the big get for the healthcare bill. He’s on State of the Union and Fox News Sunday. Also on Fox there will be a discussion of all things Mueller. How impartial is he really, and is he a bit too cozy with James Comey? Face the Nation will hit the healthcare bill with Bill Cassidy and Pat Toomey. Also on FTN is Joe Manchin. Expect Manchin to play the usual Third Way role in the ongoing climate of violence.

Meet the Press has a mixed bag of goodies. Chuck Todd will be talking to Tim Ryan, Debbie Dingell, Ron Johnson and Bernie Sanders. Bernie may have a new set of questions to answer now that both he and his wife have lawyered up and are under an FBI investigation over something which (for once) has nothing to do with James Comey, Russia or Trump.

In addition to Tom Price, Jake Tapper will be featuring John Kasich and Adam Schiff on State of the Union.