The Green Party means never having to say you're sorry

Honestly, I didn’t even know that this was much of a thing in the Democratic Party these days, but apparently it’s true. Hillary Clinton and her supporters have come up with every excuse under the sun why she lost last year (aside from deciding not to go to Michigan or Wisconsin or not putting enough money into Pennsylvania or taking Florida for granted or… well, you get the point). But now there’ s a new one they can add to the list. It’s Jill Stein’s fault. (Politico)

The Green Party candidate has no regrets, even as Democrats accuse her of helping elect Donald Trump and cozying up to Vladimir Putin.

Had a few thousand votes in key Midwestern states gone to Hillary Clinton instead of Jill Stein, many on the left believe, America might be having a very different conversation today.

Instead, Democrats are still fuming about the role the Green Party nominee may have played in electing Donald Trump—who as president has celebrated the coal industry, promised to pull the United States out of the world’s most important climate agreement and refused to even say whether he believes global warming is real. All of that should be anathema to a party whose founding principles include a commitment to “ecological wisdom.”

Hoo boy. You need to click through and read that phone interview Stein did with Politico’s Ben Schreckinger. Does she have any regrets? Nope. In fact, if she’d just had a bit more money she could have run a “tremendous campaign.” I try to avoid complex math problems here, but at just a brief glance, the bit more money she’d have needed would have had to have been in the range of $996,286,830.00. But hey… who’s counting?

Even more fascinating is Politico’s reporting which indicates that the Democrats, still fuming over the loss, would like an investigation into why Stein was at the same Russian RT event where Mike Flynn got himself in so much trouble.

Stein didn’t just attend the gala—dressed in a shimmering silver shawl, she sat at the same table as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has barely disguised his glee at the political chaos that what he calls “patriotic” Russian hackers have unleashed in the United States. And she recorded a video from Moscow’s famous Red Square, in which she talked about “the need to rein in American exceptionalism” and replace “a U.S. policy based on domination”—words that sounded like they were ripped from Putin’s talking points.

I’m willing to give a little breathing space to all sorts of rumors I hear about Vladimir Putin, many of which aren’t rumors at all. Aside from having his political critics killed off and becoming a trillionaire while so many of his own people starved, I’m willing to grant that he was at least interested in influencing the American elections. But I’m not buying that Vlad honestly thought he was going to move the needle in the US elections by enlisting the aid of Jill Stein. C’mon, man

Stein isn’t denying she was at the event, but unlike Flynn she didn’t get paid for it. And she has no regrets about that either. Being in the Green Party really does mean never having to say you’re sorry I guess.