London Bridge incident declared terror attack Attack covered multiple locations

See updates at the bottom of article.

There’s been an “incident” on London Bridge which has prompted a massive response from police and paramedics. In reality, roughly one half hour after the news broke that’s about all we can say for sure, though it’s very reminiscent of the Westminster attack not very long ago. As usual, initial reports on social media and flowing into the CNN news desk are rather chaotic. One witness that CNN spoke to said that he though he had heard “ten to twenty gunshots or what sounded like gunshots.” Another person on Twitter claimed there may have been a stabbing attack in a nearby restaurant but there’s no confirmation of much at this point. (CNN)

There has been an incident on London Bridge, London’s Metropolitan Police said Saturday night.

“We are dealing with an incident on #LondonBridge, when we have more information we will update this twitter feed.”

Both lanes of the bridge were blocked, police said.

The incident comes more than two months after a man drove an SUV into a crowd on the sidewalk along Westminster Bridge in London, killing at least four people.

Obviously this will require considerable time to flesh out. A second witness phoning in to CNN was supposedly on a bus being taken away by police to be interrogated as a witness, but he didn’t have a lot of details. More to come, I’m sure.

UPDATE: CNN is confirming that police are reporting a knife attack by two men inside of a restaurant which is described as being roughly 100 yards from the bridge. Sounds a bit too much for coincidence so England may well be under attack yet again.

(6:25 PMJazz) The Brits tend to keep their info close to the vest so updates are slow in coming. One thought to consider here, though, is that it’s the night before the Ariana Grande Manchester benefit concert which sold out in minutes two days ago. It’s always daunting to try to peer inside the minds of madmen, but would they be considering this a “win” if they managed to get her to cancel the second concert? They’ve definitely paralyzed the city at this point. Always possible that it’s a coincidence, but we’re dealing with unbalanced people with hate in their hearts. Hoping I’m not right, but it certainly fits the pattern.

(6:30 PMJazz) POTUS has been updated with information on the incident. Still unable to confirm that this is a terror attack, but it would be one of the most horrible coincidences in recent memory if it wasn’t.

(6:40 PMJazz)Local police reporting they have responded to another “incident” at Borough Market, less than three blocks from the bridge. This could be a complex, wide ranging attack. But as always, these are preliminary reports, even from authorities, so some if it may turn out to be misinformation. Let’s hold off on getting too far ahead of this until we get more confirmation from the authorities.

(6:45 PMJazz) If it Is a terror attack and they’re looking to shut down the city they’re off to a big start. London has shut down the Tube system. (From Fox News)

More to come.

The latest from the Metro police indicates that they are responding to another incident in the Vauxhall area.

You can see from this map that Vauxhall is a considerable ways down the river from the initial incident.

(7:50 PMJazz) It’s official as per British authorities. As of 7:50 pm eastern they have declared this incident a terror attack spread across multiple locations.

The terror attack was reportedly contained to the first two incidents. The stabbing attack at Vauxhall was unrelated according to authorities.

(8:00 PMJazz) IBC has a pretty horrible account from a taxi driver who was on the scene.

“A van came from London Bridge itself, went between the traffic light system and rammed it towards the steps. It knocked loads of people down.

“Then three men got out with long blades, 12 inches long and went randomly along Borough High Street stabbing people at random. I saw a young girl stabbed in the chest.

“I said to the guy in my cab I was going to try to hit him, I was going to ram him. I turned around and tried, but he side-stepped me.

“Then there were two police officers running towards him with their batons drawn, they didn’t know what was happening.

“There was a guy with a really long blade stabbing randomly people.

Pretty safe to say at this point that it wasn’t the local chapter of the Boy Scouts pulling this off.

(8:20 PMJazz) The BBC has a few more gruesome details. One of the victims of the knife attacks had her throat slashed.

Alex Shellum was in the Mudlark pub with his girlfriend and two friends, underneath London Bridge, at the time of the incident.

“At around 22:00 BST an injured woman came into the pub seeking assistance.

“She was bleeding heavily from the neck – it appeared that her throat had been cut. People sought to stem the bleeding and the pub was closed.

“Outside the pub, emergency services were performing CPR on a further individual. From there, we were instructed to move along by armed police.

Returning to the earlier question, the attackers have essentially shut down the city for the time being. Will the Ariana Grande concert really kick off the next evening? And if it doesn’t, the government is going to need to refine their message of defiance and how they will not be cowed into submission. What the citizens may be more interested in hearing about is how, if there are literally tens of thousands of possible jihadists on the loose in their city, they plan to hold any more major events with the expectation that something else like this won’t happen again?