Impeachable? Trump gets TWO scoops of ice cream while the peasants all get one

Crank up the outrage machine, but perhaps not at the wanton gluttony of President Trump. Still, according to CNN that’s where the story begins. I caught wind of this story from Mike Lachance at Legal Insurrection and it’s really less about the President’s dietary habits than how the media reacts to any tidbit of potentially damning news they can lay their hands on. In this case, it’s the fact that while most people being served dessert at the White House are given one scoop of ice cream with their pie, President Trump gets two. And yes, it appears on CNN’s web site.

President Donald Trump is living every child’s dream: More ice cream.

According to an extensive interview with TIME Magazine, Trump’s White House staff has settled into Trump’s routine and know his desires, sometimes before he does.

For example: Trump takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, TIME reported, while everyone else around the table gets just one.

Legal Insurrection links to this video from Inbox News which does a rather humorous send up of CNN and includes the clip with full discussion and analysis by the cable giant’s hosts.

As I said above, they really didn’t have much of a point to make here. The best they could do was point to this as an example of how the White House staff is settling in with Trump and getting used to his preferences. But by the time they write it up on the web site the tone has definitely changed. Notice how they can’t be satisfied with simply saying that the staff has picked up on his druthers in dining. They have to paint the mental imagery of a plump, greedy child who has suddenly been turned loose in the palace and has the royal staff fetching him bowl after bowl of dessert treats.

So take that as you will. It might be a story about ice cream or the tale of some Caligula-like emperor who is gobbling up the riches of the realm while the peasants are forced to do without. This. Is. CNN. They report… you decide.