Huma Abedin would like $2M for her "tell all book." But telling what?

In terms of political careers, this is a fairly standard move. When you pack up your things and leave the political circus or just go on hiatus for a couple of years, one of the first things many players try to do is land a book deal. It turns out that long time Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin is thinking along just those lines and is shopping a proposal for a “tell all” memoir. She want’s a hefty price for the honor of publishing it, though. (NY Post)

Huma Abedin is ready to tell all – for a cool $2 million.

The estranged wife of disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner and former top aide to Hillary Clinton has been meeting over the past few weeks with top literary agents to discuss her writing a book, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Abedin, 40, is seeking as much as $2 million for the book, which would likely detail her husband’s sexting scandal and her role in Clinton’s failed presidential bid, according to the report.

Clinton has reportedly given the green light for the purported book.

Right off the bat I’ll just say best of luck to her. Seriously. This is America and everybody deserves a chance to cash in (legally) where they can. But any publisher is going to have to be taking into account what the potential market for this book might be before they lay out an advance of two million bucks. Politicos with national name recognition can move a lot of books under the right conditions, but we’re talking about Huma Abedin here. Yes, if you either write about politics for a living or you spend most of your free time soaking in our stories you almost certainly know her name, but that’s a vanishingly small segment of the country. (And to be honest, many of us don’t actually read those books anyway. We often wait for somebody else to do it and bookmark the juicy parts if any are to be found.) On a quick search I wasn’t able to find anyone polling her approval ratings so her name recognition probably isn’t above the teens.

A relatively unknown person can be sold to the public if they have a compelling story, but I’m not sure that’s the case here either. What is there of national interest about Abedin? Sure, she was associated with famous people but she wasn’t all that much of a news maker herself. Yeah, she was almost indicted for embezzlement once and people wondered if she was tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, but beyond that she worked for Teneo (which nobody outside of our circles has ever heard of) and served as an aide to Clinton for generations. She was married to someone who was a minor celebrity, primarily for his infamy, but she was mostly just the aggrieved spouse.

So with all that in mind, what can the publisher promise that she will deliver which could move a lot of copies? Stories about her husband’s sexting affairs? Unless she’s going to drop some new scandalous revelation about more underage girls I’m not seeing the draw. And they’re supposedly working on fixing their marriage so it sounds unlikely. And what would she reveal about her time with Hillary Clinton? Do we really think she’s going to dish some stories about Hillary rubbing her hands together, saying, “there’s no way those chumps will ever discover our secret email server. It would take some sort of foreign hacking genius to break into this bad boy!”

Not likely. They’ve been too loyal to each other for too long. So what’s left to write about except some moaning about how hard her life has been and how tough everyone was on her because of her relationship with Hillary? Perhaps some justifiable sadness and regrets about the mess her husband created. (Though I lost most of my sympathy when I heard she was taking him back again.) Does any of that add up to a best seller which will reach the vast majority of Americans who don’t dwell on politics every day of the year?

Honestly, I’m not seeing it. She may be willing to call it a tell all, but the actual stuff we’d most like her to tell (assuming she has anything good) probably won’t be included.

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