Child rapist Roman Polanski would like to return to Los Angeles

Back when Donald Trump was being inaugurated as the 45th President I suggested one possible item to add to his lengthy to do list after taking office. While I’m sure it was nowhere near the top of his agenda, it seemed to me that a nice opening gambit would be to make arrangements for the extradition of convicted pedophile child rapist Roman Polanski, reserving a nice comfortable prison cell in the United States for him to spend the rest of his unnatural life in. We haven’t seen any indication thus far that this is a problem which the president has found time to tackle, but the possibility may be something which is on Polanski’s mind. This week his attorneys announced that he may be willing to return to Los Angeles and face justice, providing the “justice” in question doesn’t involve him going to jail. (Deadline)

Ten days before his lawyer squares off against the Los Angles County District Attorney’s Office in a downtown hearing that could open the door to Roman Polanski returning the U.S., the director’s legal representative today basically demanded the courts put up or shut up.

“Mr. Polanski asks this Court to acknowledge that he was promised a specific custody portion of his sentence by Judge Rittenband and he has more than fulfilled the custody portion of his sentence under the principle of comity, California law and the admissions by the District Attorney to the Polish Court,” said a proposed order filed Friday by attorney Harland Braun in Los Angeles Superior Court. “With such assurance by this current Court, Mr. Polanski will return to Los Angeles to be sentenced,” the paperwork adds of the 1977 rape of a 13-year-old girl.

On the surface this is clearly an outrageous demand. Polanski seems to be basing his claim on a completely unofficial agreement reached between a judge back in the 70s and his attorneys. And for the record, Judge Lawrence J Rittenband died in 1993 and was never comfortable with the “deal” which had been worked out. In fact, at one point the judge swore to remain on the bench until Polanski was safely locked up in a prison cell. He finally recanted on that promise and retired, but not until he was well into his eighties.

Polanski served what essentially amounted to the equivalent of absolutely no time behind for his crimes. He has already confessed to having drugged, raped and sodomized a 13-year-old child. What person in their right mind (outside of some of the Hollywood elites who still seem to love him for some reason) could possibly hear the details of the story and think that justice had in any way been served? Polanski is nearing the end of his life and one of the few regrets that he has is no doubt the fact that he has missed so many fabulous parties and award shows on the West Coast. I’m sure he would like nothing better than to have his horrific past wiped clean from his slate, allowing him to join the jet set out in Hollywood during his final years.

Surely there is some way around this which could be used to our advantage. Could we get a judge from that specific court to arrange such a deal, only to have federal agents waiting at the airport when Polanski arrives to take him into custody? Sure, that no doubt sounds like dirty pool and it would be bending some laws in an undesirable direction, but… c’mon, man. This is Roman Polanski were talking about. We’re only going to have so many more shots at this guy before he heads off to meet true justice beyond the grave.

Of course, it will be hard to get anyone on board with such a sneaky agenda. But perhaps it’s still not too late to take a more direct approach. As I pointed out in January, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda is something of a fan of Trump and is very interested in establishing good relations with the United States. Couldn’t he twist a few arms and just get a direct extradition train rolling? Donald Trump is the master of cutting deals and this sounds like the sort of job that would be right up his alley.