Yes, the people of Venezuela are literally starving to death

Last week John Sexton looked at a story which described the dire conditions of Venezuelans reaching the point where they were eating dogs, cats, donkeys and even pink flamingos simply to survive. Those reports cited what could be considered rather anecdotal evidence, but a new study which surveyed thousands of families in that nation has revealed that significant numbers of families are indeed suffering under starvation conditions. Their money is worthless for the most part and even those with available cash are unable to find a sufficient amount of nutritious food. The average family has experienced significant weight loss over the past year and there is no relief in sight. (The Blaze)

The South American country of Venezuela, infamously known for its wide reaching socialist policies that have left the country devastated, has reached a point where its citizens are losing almost 20 pounds due to their lack of food.

A 2016 study from La Encuesta Condiciones de Vida (Encovi) – in English, The 2016 Living Conditions Survey — conducted a survey of 6,500 families found that a little over 32 percent of Venezuelan households eat only once or twice everyday. 93.3 percent said their income does not support their costs for food, and thus they have resorted to cheaper foods such as vegetables. Namely potatoes.

Due to this, almost 75 percent of the Venezuelan population has lost an average of 19 pounds.

Three quarters of the population has lost an average of nearly 20 pounds in body weight. That’s a significant weight loss even for someone who is relatively obese, but if you are already on the thin side it represents a potentially disastrous medical condition.

This sea change in living conditions is affecting more than just nutritional standards. The lack of resources has resulted in too many families pulling their children out of school. Sometimes this is because they are simply not healthy enough to attend class, but others are being dispatched to either forage for something to eat or hold their parents places in endless lines which form around any stores or government outlets where food is rumored to be found. Other conditions which are usually taken for granted in first world nations have also deteriorated. Citizens are lacking in medicine and essential daily products such as toilet paper.

Even with this rolling disaster unfolding in full view of the world, President Nicolas Maduro remains defiant, rejecting any and all criticism. After President Trump talked about changes in American policy towards Venezuela, Maduro lashed out and warned the United States against meddling in his nation’s affairs. (Panama Post)

In a television broadcast, Maduro referred to sanctions the United States issued against Vice President Tareck El Aissami, calling them “revenge” from North American soil.

“President Donald Trump, open your eyes,” Maduro said. “Do not let yourself be manipulated and … change policies against Venezuela and Latin America from the old George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.”

Maduro, who has kept a “low profile” in his discussions about US presidents, and insisted he does not want to “have problems” with Trump, decided to issue a threat this time around.

We’ve been saying this for a long time now but it bears repeating. This is how socialism always ends. Venezuela was able to prop up its regime and at least meet the most basic needs of the citizens as long as they could rely on a steady flow of cash from their fossil fuel production. But with the surge of United States dominance in the energy market, prices dropped significantly and Venezuela’s antiquated infrastructure was not able to keep up. With that lifeline cut, the socialist regime began to collapse in upon itself.

History has shown us that socialism always works… for a little while. And then you wind up hunting for rats to survive.