Hungary is accepting refugees… from liberalism

Victor Orban, the decidedly unconventional Prime Minister of Hungary, is staking out a new and markedly different approach to the refugee crisis currently engulfing the European Union. Like many other European leaders have done in recent years, Orban is laying out the welcome mat for refugees, but not the ones coming from terror plagued Islamic nations. Hungary, according to their leader, is ready to provide a new home for those fleeing… liberalism. (Europa News)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he’s open to accepting refugees, but only those fleeing liberal policies in Western Europe.

Orban used his annual state of the nation address Friday to list five threats Hungary faces, including EU policies and Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

He also welcomed Europeans who are fed up with their liberal governments to move to Hungary.

“Of course we can give shelter to the real refugees: Germans, Dutch, French, Italians, scared politicians and journalists,” Orban said in his address. “Christians who had to flee their own country, those people who want to find here the Europe that they lost at their home.”

Is he serious or was he just poking fun at some of his fellow leaders whose open-door policies have produced disastrous results in countries such as Germany, France and others? I suppose there’s no reason that both of these scenarios couldn’t be true. Orban has been a frequent critic of Angela Merkel and other heads of state in the European Union who have seen their own populations rising up in protest against an influx of foreigners who frequently have little to no regard for their laws nor any apparent desire to integrate with their historic cultures. He may be trying to drive the point home with this sort of announcement, but if it results in his nation picking up some new like-minded citizens, all the better.

This type of attitude is nothing new for the Prime Minister. You may recall that last year, while other nations were still taking in large numbers of Islamic refugees, Orban was recruiting individuals willing to serve as “border hunters” to keep illegal immigrants out of the nation. His attitude toward Western liberal leaders and liberalism in general has also been no secret. He recently announced that he would be “sweeping away” all non-government organizations funded by George Soros. He’s also frequently been cited as an admirer of Donald Trump and his proposed immigration policies.

Perhaps the idea of refugee status for those fleeing liberalism and the dangerous conditions fostered by open-door immigration policies is one worth considering. The one remaining question is, where was this guy for the last eight years? I might have been interested. I hear the fishing in Hungary is amazing.