I bet you thought the Democratic primary fight was over

If there’s any good news for the Democrats these days (and such tidbits are woefully hard to come by) it’s that the 2016 election is finally over. Even more to the point, that nasty drawn out primary between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is finally in the rear view mirror. Now is the time for the healing of wounds, coming together and forming a solid team to face the daunting challenge of not losing further ground in the 2018 midterms. Or at least that’s what you’d expect them to be doing. Unfortunately for Team Donkey, it seems that somebody didn’t get the memo.

The Huffington Post has generously provided space for one author to raise the bloody flag back up the pole and berate supporters of Bernie Sanders who she feels have been insufficiently contrite in their defeat. Sasha Stone has a clear message for the Bernie Bros: Hillary won and you all need to get over it

Recently, Tom Perez felt compelled to go along with (but later retracted) the lie that the Democratic primary was “rigged” against Bernie Sanders. For many die-hard Berners, the only possible explanation for Sanders’ failure to win the nomination is the myth that the system had been “rigged” to steal The Precious from him. For the umpteenth time, let’s please try to dispel this unfounded notion, okay? The future of the Democratic Party (and the defeat of impending Fascist America) will depend on it.

Take a deep breath. Say it with me now:

Bernie Sanders lost the primary.

Let’s try that again.

Bernie Sanders lost the primary. Fair and square..

There’s a part of me which immediately reacts with the temptation to simply break out the popcorn. Well, let’s be completely honest and forget about “a part” in that sentence. This is a definite popcorn moment. But if it’s of any help to Sasha in understanding the complaints which she is apparently still hearing, the people doing the majority of the kvetching don’t seem to be saying that Hillary Clinton did not win. The point they are making is the same one which the author seems to be in denial over. The primary election was rigged, and attempting to deny that in some surely well intentioned display of loyalty to your candidate doesn’t change the facts. So what does Sasha have to say about the allegations which have been raised?

We might spend a lot of time arguing over details, but can we please not? It’s a losing argument for your side. No one rigged the primary. Bernie Sanders lost the South. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had all won the South, and no Democrat in modern times who didn’t has ever won the White House. Bernie never came close to holding that key because Bernie was never there.

I see. So in response to the various pieces of evidence which turned up indicating that one of the vice chairs of the DNC was feeding debate answers to Clinton in advance (a fact which is beyond dispute) or that some of Bernie’s donations were mysteriously rerouted to other destinations, your answer is there is no sense arguing over details? I’m sure that will calm everybody down. Well done!

Far be it from me to offer assistance to the opposing team, but it occurs to me that denigrating the substantial wing of the party which is currently flooding the zone with precisely the same messages that people like Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are pushing isn’t helpful. You’re going to be facing the same fight in 2020 when you come up with (hopefully) a new candidate. Similarly, you’re going to be seeing these upstarts pushing their own state-level candidates in the midterms. Heck, for all we know your seated Democrats may be facing some primary challenges. This is probably a moment in time when you could learn a few lessons from the Republicans and the Tea Party. The GOP establishment had to find a way to come to terms with the Tea Party and absorb that energy rather than trying to tamp it down.

But then, why would you listen to some old curmudgeon like me? Never mind all that. Carry on with the fighting. I’m sure it’ll work out just fine.