Apparently many Democrats wish David Brock would just go away

As Ed reported earlier, at the same time that Democrats were signing up for classes on how to talk to actual human beings, there was another training seminar going on. It was put together by liberal money man and Media Matters for America founder David Brock, and he was teaching progressives how to “defeat Trump.” Sounds like it should be a popular message in liberal circles right about now, right? But not everyone is buying what Brock is peddling these days.

As the Daily Beast is reporting this week, a sense of “Brock fatigue” is setting in among Democrats, along with a growing feeling that he’s just not able to deliver on his grand predictions.

Democrats know they need someone to lead them out of the wilderness. But, they say, that someone is not David Brock.

As David Brock attempts to position himself as a leader in rebuilding a demoralized Democratic Party in the age of Trump, many leading Democratic organizers and operatives are wishing the man would simply disappear.

Many in the party—Clinton loyalists, Obama veterans, and Bernie supporters alike—talk about the man not as a sought-after ally in the fight against Trumpism, but as a nuisance and a hanger-on, overseeing a colossal waste of cash. And former employees say that he has hurt the cause.

Before we take this as nothing more than some disgruntled party insiders gossiping under cover of anonymity, keep in mind that we’ve actually heard rumblings about this before. We saw evidence of the same attitude in the waning months of the election when leaked emails revealed that John Podesta had been referring to Brock as an unhinged narcissist and described some of his efforts to skirt laws regarding coordination with the Clinton campaign as “shady.”

It’s not that liberals are doubting Brock’s sincerity or intentions as far as I can tell. Ever since he underwent his bizarre evolution from right wing Clinton hater to avid Clinton sycophant back in the day, Brock has been a tireless warrior for them. He’s launched numerous websites such as Media Matters which are open bastions of conservative bashing. He’s not all all afraid to employ dirty tricks and cross every line an an effort to bolster Democrats and trash Republicans and above all else he’s been an almost endless resource of cash.

The major problem is that he simply hasn’t delivered. For all his efforts and endless bluster, Clinton still lost and that’s really one of only two things that matter in this game. If you don’t put one in the win column, what did you really accomplish? Of course the other fact that can’t be overlooked is… the money. In the leaked Podesta emails referenced above, even John included the phrase, “$ Machine!” when talking about Brock.

And it’s that last point which leads me to believe that his critics will remain largely silent in public and Brock won’t be going away any time soon. This is still politics after all, and the name of the game is money. Brock still has the ability to make large amounts of it appear when needed and he funnels it into many of the causes progressives care about. And as long as the checks keep rolling in, you can be pretty sure that David Brock will still have a seat at the table, even if some of his colleagues are whispering unhinged narcissist behind his back.