The purge continues: Trump inauguration singer dropped from Netflix series

There was no shortage of Hollywood and music industry types who were lining up to declare that they would boycott the inauguration of President Donald Trump. (A welcome development among many in the circles where I travel.) After their unexpected failure to convince the Electoral College not to carry out their duty, they turned their attention to depriving the new President of their “talents” at the big event. Still, there was plenty of entertainment and the entire affair went off rather nicely, even if a few small riots made things unpleasant several blocks from the parade route.

One singer, however, has learned the hard way that you don’t cross the elite in the entertainment world without paying a price. Grammy winning artist Chrisette Michele performed at one of the balls last night, reportedly receiving $250K for her efforts and an international audience. But that’s not all she got. She also received what amounted to a pink slip from Spike Lee who was reportedly “considering” using her music in an upcoming project.

Director Spike Lee has revealed he was considering using a song by Grammy winner Chrisette Michele in an upcoming project but has decided not to following her decision to perform at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Lee confirmed the news on Instagram stating he wanted to use “Black Girl Magic” in the upcoming She’s Gotta Have It series which is based on his 1988 film of the same name.

Michele stepped in as a performer following the news that Andy Grammer had backed out – just one of quite a few.

What a shame. Now I probably won’t wind up watching the highly anticipated Netflix series, um.. what was it called again? Oh, right. “She’s gotta have it.” Pity. I’m sure it will be simply riveting. But was this even a job? All Spike Lee is saying is that he was “considering” using some of her music. If that was a done deal then I’d imagine there would already be a contract in place and a lawsuit might be coming up. Or was this just a case of the director wanting to take a shot at her for performing in enemy territory so he’s claiming to pull a job that didn’t really exist?

Either way, it’s not as if Michele didn’t have warning that some backlash was coming from the we just want to love everyone crowd. BET issued an open letter to her at the last minute warning that there was trouble coming.

So, I’m guessing you haven’t noticed what a bootleg roundup Donald Trump has. You could fill a stadium with all the entertainers who turned him down. If for no other reason, I would imagine you’d have more respect for your career than to perform for his inauguration when so many of your contemporaries have steered so far away — including musicians you’ve worked closely with!

Why would you want to align yourself with an event that couldn’t even book a Bruce Springsteen cover band? Are you that hard up for a gig? I can’t imagine it will be worth the backlash from your core fans. At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen the response to the news. It’s not pretty. I think they call it “being dragged” over on Black Twitter.

Most of Trump’s supporters don’t know who you are. And that R&B set you’ve reportedly been asked to perform is going to be a snack break. Not a good chance you’ll bring in many new fans — and you’re going to lose many of the faithful ones you have.

Yes, these are the compassionate people on the Left who make up much of the entertainment industry. If you sway from the groupthink and dare to try to build some bridges – or even simply take a well paying job with an unapproved group – you shall be punished mightily.

This is really the difference between the two camps starting at each other across the culture gap. I don’t pay attention to the politics of people in music, movies and television. First of all, if I did I probably would have very few choices in entertainment. But more to the point, I don’t judge the artists for what their own ideological beliefs might be. When they go dragging it into the production and it becomes unappealing, I simply choose not to consume that particular offering. (And no… I did not buy a ticket to Miss Sloane.) But if the song or the movie or the television series is good I’m still on board. I’m not going to stop listening to Thunder Road just because The Boss is a jerk about politics.

But on the Left it is nothing but hypocrisy and constant warfare… civil war if required. There is no tolerance from the gang that claims to preach tolerance to the rest of us constantly. And now they’re giving the boot to one of their own popular R&B singers. On that subject, I should go check out some more of her work. Here’s one of her offerings for you to pass the time this afternoon. It’s called “Unbreakable.” Let’s hope she is.