Something else Trump could take care of: catch Roman Polanski

One thing that Europe seems proud to lord over everyone is the fact that convicted pedophile child rapist Roman Polanski is not only still walking free and living the sweet life, but receiving various honors from his industry. The latest example cropped up this week when it was announced that the monster in question would be heading the jury panel for the Ceasers, which are the European equivalent of the Oscars.

The film director Roman Polanski, who fled from the United States after being convicted of unlawful sex with a minor, has been appointed to head the jury judging the ‘French oscars’.

Polanski was appointed to chair the judging panel of the Cesars in a move which was condemned by Women’s groups and Lawrence Rossingnol, the France’s arts minister.

Mme Rossignol said she found it “surprising and shocking that a rape case counts for little in the life of a man”, the BBC reported.

Yes, even though France’s own art minister was expressing outrage, the head of the French Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques was not only unabashed, but heaped more praise on Polanski.

At what point is enough far more than enough? We got as far as an extradition hearing in Poland (the criminal’s home country) last year, but it fell through. Other, more extreme ideas have been proposed in the past. I wasn’t the only one suggesting back in 2015 that we might be able to work out some sort of extraordinary rendition plan for him since he’s clearly not very hard to find. But thus far the will hasn’t existed to manage it.

Now the world has changed a bit and perhaps there are some other options on the table. Consider this for a moment. Polish President Andrzej Duda has been something of a fan of Donald Trump and is clearly hoping to stay on good terms with him. He was among the very first foreign leaders to send his congratulations after the election and has exchanged warm phone calls with him since then. Surely he’s able to exert a bit of influence in terms of a quick extradition if push comes to shove?

And not that far away is France, where Polanski spends most of his time when he’s not in Switzerland. The socialist regime may be coming to an end there this year after the next round of elections. If the winner winds up being either Marine Le Pen or Francois Fillon, they may be similarly inclined to be on Trump’s good side. If you remove Poland and France, Polanski is running out of places to hide. And if a deal were to be reached before he was even aware that it was under discussion, who knows? Perhaps some sort of bag and tag job could see him on a plane heading to America before he had time to blink.

Just one more thing to consider. Once you toss out the old rules of politics, one never knows what might be possible. And locking up Polanski over here for the rest of his unnatural life would be a great start.