Jane Fonda doesn't want you to be fooled by "good looking liberals"

Jane Fonda is upset. I’ll give you all a moment to recover from the shock of that statement and compose yourselves, particularly since I know so many of our regular readers are terribly concerned about her feelings.

So what’s got Hanoi Jane’s dander up this week? She’s down in the dumps over the disappointing choices being made in Canada by Justin Trudeau when it comes to pipeline work and oil sands deposits. It apparently came as a terrible surprise to her that the Prime Minister of Canada would approve additional projects in an industry which accounts for a massive portion of his nation’s GDP. (HuffPo)

As far as Jane Fonda is concerned, there’s only one lesson to be drawn from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent approval of two oilsands pipeline projects.

“The lesson is we shouldn’t be fooled by good-looking Liberals,” the Hollywood icon said Wednesday in Edmonton, where she appeared to support indigenous leaders in their concerns over fossil fuel development.

Fonda — as well as chiefs from Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia — said environmentalists everywhere were impressed by Trudeau’s appearance at international climate talks held in Paris in late 2015.

“We all thought, well, cool guy,” she said. “What a disappointment.”

I might have taken a pass on this story were it not for Fonda’s choice to warn her fellow progressives against the danger of being fooled by, and I quote… “good looking liberals.” She goes on to recount her initial excitement over the prospect of Trudeau’s tenure, particularly during the Paris climate conference. After the “heroic stance” he took there on behalf of indigenous peoples, climate change, carbon poisoning and, presumably, polar bears, the PM’s decision to approve two major pipeline projects was quite the shock.

But I keep coming back to that one comment… good looking liberals. The star of Barbarella seems to be suffering from the same titanic lack of self-awareness which infects so many Hollywood stars whenever they get out of their lane and delve into the world of politics and policy. I have it on good authority that Trudeau is indeed good looking by most conventional standards and his bona fides in terms of the progressive agenda are beyond dispute. But he’s also someone who came up in politics and has actual experience running things. He served in the House of Commons and was a leader in his political party before finally winning the office of Prime Minister.

By comparison, Fonda is known for acting, largely in films which most of you reading this have never seen and likely never will see. She’s also been one of the “good looking” people who are the only ones who succeed in her business. Despite all the talk about equality for all and fat shaming, equal pay or blah, blah, blah, Hollywood remains largely a bastion of rich white guys trying to make vast amounts of money off the backs of attractive and mostly white people who act in their films. And nearly all of them are liberals.

Who has more standing on this subject? I don’t agree with Trudeau on much of anything, but he’s an actual political leader who won his election fair and square. What’s Jane Fonda ever done?

Jane Fonda