Boo hoo. Entertainment "A-list" doesn't want to play at Trump inauguration

I’m seeing a bunch of strutting among liberal media and entertainment outlets over rumors that “nobody” wants to perform musical numbers at Trump’s inauguration. Gee… try not to faint from shock. Given how many of these preening peacocks were signed on hook, line and sinker for I’m With Her, it’s no wonder that they might not want to show up for the big party which is simultaneously the funeral for both their candidate and her political agenda. Still, you can hear the mean spirited glee in their voices as they explore the off the record quotes, claiming that Donald Trump is horribly upset over all of this. (The Wrap)

Donald Trump is so displeased with his team’s inability to lock in A-list talent for his inauguration events next month that he’s ordered a “Hail Mary” shakeup of his recruiters to try to book performers, a person familiar with the situation told TheWrap.

Mark Burnett, who produces “Celebrity Apprentice” with Trump and has been overseeing entertainment for inauguration festivities, has brought in talent recruiter Suzanne Bender, a former “Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol” booker, to end an effective freeze-out by Hollywood, the insider said.

Bender also worked on Burnett’s “StarMaker,” a short-lived singing competition hosted by P. Diddy that aired on MTV in 2009.

This sounds like a case of projecting your own feelings onto Trump if you ask me. I find it difficult to believe that the President Elect would actually be interested in having a bunch of singers and actors show up at his big party after they spent the better part of two years doing nothing but insulting him. Did you expect Katy Perry to show up after she was one of the only attractions that managed to get people to actually show up at the DNC? And I don’t think he was counting on Madonna singing at his inauguration after she promised certain, er… oral favors to anyone who voted for his opponent. Who needs them?

It’s being claimed that Elton John, Garth Brooks and Andrea Bocelli have all refused to perform, but I’ve yet to see confirmation that anyone actually asked them. And get this… the reason being given for this Hollywood freeze-out is that, “they do not want to “normalize” Trump’s presidency.”

That’s a great idea and yet another example of the clueless nature of the L.A. crowd. They worked as their own billion dollar army to defeat Trump, hosting concerts and fundraisers along with showing up alongside Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. We all saw how that worked out. I’m not sure how many more whacks with the clue bat will be required before it begins to sink in. The American people don’t need to be preached to by a bunch of pampered film stars or singers when it comes to how best to run the country or what our values should be. The astounding, er… “success” of Miss Sloane on its opening weekend should tell them that nobody is listening other than the liberals who were already drinking the same Kool-Aid anyway.

There will be entertainment at the inauguration and it will be just fine. There are still intelligent people with talent left who can recognize an opportunity when one comes along. And if the pop stars and movie mavens want to stay out on the left coast and pout on the big day, hey… help yourself. I think we’ll manage just fine without you somehow.