Jason Kander doesn't need your Senate seat. Maybe he'll just be president instead

We had some good times following the exploits of Kansas carpetbagger Jason Kander as he attempted to win the Senate seat held by Roy Blunt. That effort came up short on November 8th however, and now Jason is going to be looking for a new job. Unless he has some hidden skills in heating and air conditioning which he could put to use at Carrier, that means it will most likely be something in politics. That means either a lobbyist position (which shouldn’t be too tough to find because his wife has a lot of experience in that area) or running for a different elected office. But which one?

I suppose he could start working on a very early launch of a congressional campaign, but a seat in the House might be seen as stepping down a ways after coming so close to the Senate. But what else is there? Oh, I don’t know… how about taking a run at Donald Trump in four years? (Fox 2 local)

Fresh off a narrow loss for Roy Blunt’s seat in the United States Senate, could Missouri’s soon-to-be out of work Secretary of State have other political jobs on his mind beyond the state’s borders?

That’s what political observers are wondering after word got out that Jason Kander will be a “Featured Speaker” at Progress Iowa’s holiday party in Des Moines on December 20. Progress Iowa is a liberal progressive 501c4 organization.

Why? Because as the saying goes, no politician goes to Iowa, home of the early Presidential caucuses, by accident. And it’s getting noticed.

There’s some truth to that old saying. No politician goes to Iowa just because they like fresh corn on the cob. (And it’s December anyway.) What’s a Missouri / Kansas boy doing in Des Moines next week? Could Kander really be believing his own press at this point and thinking that he’s simply destined for bigger and better things? There were people falling all over themselves to shower praise on Kander during his Senate campaign, even including some Republicans who seemed to want to distance themselves from Blunt for some reason. (That’s going to make for some awkward conversations in the dining hall next year.)

Of course, he might try to capitalize on the rumors that he could be the next DNC chair. Of all the things we’ve heard here, that’s probably the least crazy idea. Donna Brazile is permanently tainted with scandal over the debate cheating fiasco, Kieth Ellison has the whole “not so fond of the Jews” thing going on and Tom Perez is a general train wreck on the regulatory front. Maybe Kander is a good fit for the job? He’s certainly telegenic.

But Kander is a Democrat and that means he’s got another problem. He’s a straight, white male from the south. The natives in the progressive movement are restless and I get the impression that he’s not exactly the brand identity they’re shopping around for right now. In fact, the same thing could hamper him in a presidential bid in 2020. The Democrats were “robbed” of their chance to bust the glass ceiling last time and you can bet they’ll be looking for somebody not in the Y chromosome camp if there’s anyone available.

Don’t worry, Mr. Kander. With your wealth of experience as treasurer there are no doubt hundreds of exciting openings available in the accounting field and tax season is just around the corner.