Oh, good. The labor unions are holding a "national day of disruption"

If you’re planning on going to the airport today or even stopping at McDonald’s for a McRib you should probably add a bit of buffer time into your schedule. The “Fight for 15” crowd, in concert with other union activists, are staging another Day of Disruption. In other words, it’s not a protest to get a message out, but rather an orchestrated attempt to shut down the flow of commerce and basic infrastructure. (Fox News)

Workers from fast-food chains and nearly 20 airports joined nationwide protests for higher pay, union rights and immigration reform on Tuesday in their first major action since businessman Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election.

McDonald’s restaurants in 340 cities are prime rally targets, while baggage handlers and cabin cleaners at Chicago’s O’Hare and Boston’s Logan international airports were to demonstrate in support of workers demanding starting pay of $15 per hour, organizers of the “Fight for $15” campaign said.

More than 200 protesters held a pre-dawn rally in New York City’s Zuccotti Park, about half a block from a McDonald’s restaurant, where they banged on drums and chanted slogans calling for a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

What we’re seeing here is the merging of several liberal attack modes, both old and new, now being repurposed for the next phase of the liberal agenda. In terms of “something old” we have the New York City gathering at Zuccotti Park. In case you weren’t around for their previous antics, that’s where the Occupy Wall Street movement kicked into gear, with makeshift camps full of rape tents and “peaceful protesters” pooping on police cars in the public square. The SEIU sponsored protesters today are moving on from such displays to closing down fast food outlets and trying to slow down if not stop flights at airports. These are the newer tactics of “disruption” which are being taught in liberal protest boot camp these days.

You may recall when the #BlackBrunchNYC plan was hatched and BLM activists went around the Big Apple flooding into eateries and shutting them down with the stated purpose of “disrupting white spaces.” (That must have been a shock to the black and Latino patrons in all of those establishments who were similarly prevented from eating.) More commonly than that, we’ve seen BLM marching onto highways in cities around the nation every time they have anything to protest and shutting down entire interstates for hours on end.

Now the tactics are all being rolled into one and fed into the Fight for 15 crew’s playbook. I was originally tipped off to this event by Jeremy Adler at America Rising Squared. Their statement on this scheme hits all the right notes.

“Big Labor poured hundreds of millions of its dues-paying members’ dollars into this past month’s elections, only to see its chosen candidates lose across the board. From the defeat of Hillary Clinton and so many others who strongly backed the unions’ “Fight for $15” minimum wage campaign, this election should serve as a wake-up call that organized labor’s special-interest agenda doesn’t reflect the values and priorities of working people across America…

“The truth is, today’s protests are not genuine reflection of worker anxiety, but a highly coordinated, well-funded campaign by SEIU union bosses and their PR pros in New York City. Big labor is spending tens of millions of dollars to orchestrate these protests to try and recruit fast-food workers as new dues-payers, filling their shrinking coffers and bolster their depleted membership rolls.

Personally, just as I’ve said with the highway and restaurant stunts pulled by Black Lives Matter, I’m all in favor of some of these protests going forward. Rather then demonstrating in a traditional fashion and getting their message out to potentially supportive members of the public, they will leave a single, vivid memory seared in the minds of all who encounter them. That vision will be of missing out on a lunch meeting or sitting in an endless line of stalled traffic for hours when they’re supposed to be getting home to pick up the kids. Any possible empathy the group might have fostered evaporates at that point.

So you go ahead and “disrupt” the world, guys. Let’s see how far it gets you.


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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022