Should President Trump make Ivana (not Ivanka) an ambassador?

President Elect Trump is launching into the process of appointing an army of individuals who will wind up taking federal jobs. Among those will be our ambassadors to various nations around the world. And if he wants some help in making the best selections, one person has bravely stepped forward to offer her services… his ex-wife. Yes, Ivana Trump (not to be confused with her daughter Ivanka) is ready to take on the role of ambassador to the Czech Republic. (New York Post)

Now that her ex-husband is president-elect, Ivana Trump is ready to serve her country.

“I will suggest that I be ambassador for the Czech Republic,” Ivana told The Post on Friday.

“[That] is where I’m from and my language and everybody knows me. I’m quite known all around the world. Not only in America. I have written three books, and they were translated in 40 countries in 25 languages. I’m known by the name Ivana. I really did not need the name Trump.”

(No word yet on whether Ivana, who was born in the republic when it was known as Czechoslovakia, has adopted its punchier new name, Czechia.)

Keep in mind that The Donald hasn’t weighed in on this yet so the proposal isn’t coming from him. Ivana is simply volunteering. But it would certainly look a bit odd (to say the least) to hand one of your early appointments to the mother of some of your kids. Then again, would Trump really care what sort of negative blow back came from the press if he did? Over the course of the entire campaign he didn’t pay much attention to their various protestations and in fact used the press corps as a convenient foil to gain more votes. And just from a practical perspective, most of the guys out there who have been in a number of marriages equal to or greater than two can probably relate to another aspect of the question. Do you really want your ex-wife hanging around and talking to CNN every day while you’re on the job?

And it’s not as if there isn’t precedent for odd ambassadorial picks. Barack Obama has taken fire for his own fair share of bizarre appointments. You’ll recall that back in the winter of 2014 we wound up with former soap opera producer and prolific Obama donor and bundler Colleen Bradley Bell as our Ambassador to Hungary. (This, despite the fact that she seemed rather confused during her confirmation hearings as to the nation’s strategic position in relation to Russia or possibly even where the country was.) The Guardian did a deep dive on Obama appointments a couple of years ago and came up with a staggering total in terms of the number of plush positions handed out to big dollar donors.

So is it sufficient to say, well the other guy did it as a reason to excuse appointing your ex-wife? Obviously not. But let’s at least give Ivana a bit of credit. She speaks the language and knows her way around. And if nothing else, it’s a fairly efficient way of getting your ex out of the country rather than doing interviews with the press every other day.