Confirmed: Hillary's emails to Chelsea weren't all about yoga and weddings

This story has been making the rounds for the better part of a day now but the two alternate universe styles of coverage are fascinating. In one of the latest revelations from a Freedom of Information Act request, we found that Hillary Clinton was sending confidential information to her daughter Chelsea using her secret bathroom email server. Of course, the way Politico and several other sites are covering it, you’d think that this was all nothing more than some sort of clerical error.

Hillary Clinton sent Chelsea info now deemed classified

Hillary Clinton sent her daughter Chelsea an email message that contains information the State Department now deems classified, a new batch of messages released by State Friday shows.

The email originated with White House Deputy National Security Adviser Michael Froman and was forwarded to the former secretary of state by her policy aide Jake Sullivan. Hillary Clinton sent it along to her daughter’s email account with the notation: “See below.”

The subject matter of the message is unclear, but it appears likely to relate to global climate change negotiations.

From the title (… now deemed classified) to nearly every reference to the subject in the body of the article (references to the state department having given it “the lowest level of classification” when it was released), this piece figuratively bends over backwards in an attempt to make you think that there was nothing to see here and everyone should simply move on.

These efforts are easily discounted and you get a much clearer picture of what’s going on here from The Daily Caller’s coverage.

But perhaps the most significant part of the email is that Clinton forwarded classified information to her daughter, who is and was a private citizen with no government role and no apparent security clearances.

It is unclear when or why Clinton deleted the email. She gave the State Department around 30,000 emails she claimed were related to her State Department work. She deleted a similar number claiming they were personal and dealt with yoga routines, food recipes and Chelsea’s wedding.

There are three points of note here which need to be kept in mind, particularly in light of the renewed FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email activities. These are in no particular order since they are all important.

First, this email was “recovered” by the FBI. It was not one of the roughly 30,000 which Clinton initially turned over. She deleted it. And even if it is “mostly a duplicate” of a different email which was surrendered, it’s not an exact duplicate. Clinton claimed that all the emails she deleted were personal in nature, mostly having to do with Chelsea’s wedding and yoga classes. This revelation proves yet again in definitive fashion that Hillary Clinton lied to the public and to the FBI when she said she had turned everything over.

Secondly we deal with the classification issue. Her supporters in the media continue to take great pains to remind us that the email was “only marked as classified last year.” But that’s because the State Department had no idea that these emails existed until last year. The now-redacted information deals with foreign government information which means that it automatically receives a confidential rating at a minimum and, as we have reminded everyone repeatedly, any such documents are born classified. The fact that Clinton failed to mark them as such at the time she sent them is irrelevant to the conversation.

And finally, the recipient of this email was not a State Department staffer or some foreign dignitary. It was Chelsea Clinton. She was at that time and remains today a private citizen. She does not have any sort of clearance or need to know which would allow her access to any classified information of any sort. This was a direct violation of the law on Clinton’s part. Both the deletion of the email and the original sending of it to a person not entitled to receive it would seem to be a clear violation of U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2071. (Which, by the way, makes a person ineligible for public office if convicted.)

This is probably one of the biggest scandals to come out of the entire email fiasco and it’s currently getting the soft sell treatment in the media if you’re lucky enough to hear about it at all. And once Clinton is in office (assuming she wins on Tuesday) she will be virtually untouchable for it.

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