So we have to take the latest Bill Clinton sex assault accuser seriously, right? Right?

Another woman has come forward with claims of sexual assault against a prominent figure in American politics which allegedly took place in the past. But this time we’re not talking about Donald Trump. A new name has been added to the list of women accusing former President Bill Clinton of assaulting them. The Daily Caller has the details first picked up at Breitbart and they include a video of an interview with the victim. Leslie Milwee was a local reporter in Arkansas when Bill was the Governor and she details some rather horrid behavior in graphic detail. We’ll get to the video in a moment, but I’m not going to go into the sordid bits of it here so you can catch all that at the links should you wish to.

Leslie Milwee, a former news reporter with KLMN-TV in Arkansas, accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her three times in a studio editing room in 1980.

According to Breitbart, Milwee — then known as Leslie Derrick — first met the then-Arkansas governor while covering the “Cuban Refugee Crisis” in 1980, during which she interviewed “Clinton about 20 times at various public events” and “inside the KLMN station.”

Before the alleged assaults, Milwee says Clinton attempted to woo her with several “inappropriate gestures” and encounters.

Here’s the Breitbart video of Leslie. I have to admit she makes for a compelling witness.

With all that out of the way I’d like to skip past the sensationalist bits and get to the real question as it affects events between now and November 8th. If we’re going to question the timing of various allegations made against Donald Trump then I suppose we’ll have to question this one as well. But that’s the whole point. Most of the media isn’t questioning the charges leveled at Trump from many years ago. While they make sure to use the word “alleged” in most reports, the stories were still pretty much all you saw on cable news for the better part of a week. At the same time there were Wikileaks stories dropping about Clinton on a daily basis, but if you blinked while watching CNN you missed them. It was all Trump accusers all the time.

So what about this woman’s story? True, Bill Clinton isn’t running for office, but his wife is, and her previous response to Bill’s accusers has been brought up as a legitimate issue in the race. Further, even if we try to discount Hillary entirely, this is a woman claiming to have been assaulted by a famous figure in American culture. We certainly covered the Cosby story in an endless loop. Should Ms. Milwee’s case be shoved under the rug because it doesn’t serve the narrative of the day?

I’d like to see how much air time this one gets and how many times this reporter will be invited on cable news shows. If it’s even one tenth the amount of time Trump’s accusers received I’ll eat my fedora.


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