Gun shop's "Pre-Hillary Sale" seems to be a big hit

One gun shop in Las Vegas isn’t wasting any time waiting around for the election to see who wins. They’re already forecasting a Hillary Clinton victory and advising potential customers that now might be a good time to stock up on firearms and ammo while you still can. In keeping with that idea, Westside Armory is happy to help you achieve those goals with a special “Pre-Hillary Sale” for all your shooting needs. (Washington Post)

The Las Vegas gun store Westside Armory is predicting a Hillary Clinton victory in November, and it has a message for customers: Buy now, because things are going to get expensive.

In an advertisement over the weekend in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Westside Armory said it was holding a “Pre-Hillary Sale” on tactical rifles, warning of a price surge if the Democratic nominee wins the presidential election next month.

“Don’t wait!” the advertisement reads. “Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.”

The words appear alongside a picture of a Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II, a semiautomatic tactical rifle that Westside Armory advertises for $700. The Smith & Wesson website says the rifle is used for hunting, recreational shooting and “home protection.”

The newspaper advert was picked up and tweeted out by Jon Ralston this weekend.

The advertisement does seem to tie in to Trump’s regular warnings about Hillary Clinton seemingly wanting to abolish the Second Amendment and clamp down on guns. Because this is a Washington Post article, the author – Derek Hawkins – immediately responds by saying, “Clinton has advocated no such thing.”

Well played by Hawkins I suppose. I also have yet to see a video clip of Hillary Clinton specifically saying that she wants to “abolish the Second Amendment.” That’s not terribly surprising because Clinton is an experienced politician and she knows that saying such things aloud tend to end people’s careers in an abrupt fashion. But she’s given more than enough dog whistles in that direction for her supporters. She stated on the record that Australian style gun confiscation was worth looking into. Other examples abound, but if you want an in-depth look at just how far to the left Clinton has gone on gun grabbing, read Bob Owens’ piece from this summer on why Clinton’s not planning on eliminating the Second Amendment… she’s got something much worse in mind.

But returning to the original story here, Westside Armory has caught on to a winning idea. They may have either thrown in the towel on any hopes that Trump might win the election or perhaps they’re just being good capitalists and reminding people of another good reason to stock up on firearms and ammunition. Either way, it’s effective marketing with the ring of truth to it.

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022