Emails: Woman who replaced disgraced DNC chair was also helping undermine Sanders

Most of you probably remember the rather ignominious departure of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from her position as DNC Chair. It came, at least in part, as the result of leaked emails which showed that the committee had their thumb on the scale in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. The general sense of embarrassment around the DNC was palpable and there were worries that Bernie’s voters would revolt and fail to support Clinton in the general election. But a new broom sweeps clean, right? DWS was shown the door and immediately replaced with long time party activist and perennial CNN commentator Donna Brazile. At least that little problem was behind them.

Not so fast, sports fan. Yesterday’s Wikileaks dump contained some new goodies from the Democratic primary and it involved none other than Ms. Brazile. So what was she up to during the primary? Slipping a few notes to the teacher which clearly seem intended to help out Hillary Clinton. (NY Observer)

The latest release reveals current DNC chair Donna Brazile, when working as a DNC vice chair, forwarded to the Clinton campaign a January 2016 email obtained from the Bernie Sanders campaign, released by Sarah Ford, Sanders’ deputy national press secretary, announcing a Twitter storm from Sanders’ African-American outreach team. “FYI” Brazile wrote to the Clinton staff. “Thank you for the heads up on this Donna,” replied Clinton campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod.

So Donna was sending internal emails from the Sanders campaign to Clinton’s team. How you explain this as anything other than collusion to help out Hillary is a mystery, so there seems to be pretty much zero difference between her behavior during the primary and that of the woman she replaced.

As I mentioned above, Brazile was a regular fixture on CNN all through the primary. (And for a long time before that as well.) I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I heard Donna opining on the Democrats’ primary battle and prefacing her remarks by saying that she didn’t have a dog in that fight or a horse in that race or whatever the slogan of the day might be. When the accusations of collusion between the DNC and Clinton originally began flying, Brazile was among the first to jump up and swat the stories down, saying that the allocation of resources, scheduling of debates and other committee functions were all designed to give the voters a fair and honest choice.

Turns out that she was doing pretty much the same thing as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the entire time. I somehow doubt that this particular email was the only evidence of her support of Clinton over Sanders and we just happened to discover it. The fix was in at the DNC to lock Sanders out of the race from the beginning. The real question now is whether their voters will hold Brazile to the same standard and demand that she be replaced as well. Since they’re now in full general election mode that would give the appearance of trouble in paradise for Team Hillary so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for anything to be done.

Donna Brazile

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