Guess what was so controversial that CNN had to blur it out?

Speaking as someone who watches cable news in general and CNN in particular seven days a week, I’ve seen them air some significantly off-putting video at times. It usually comes with a warning for small children to leave the room, but we’ve seen videos of people being shot, horrific automobile or train wrecks and the carnage left behind after terror attacks. Rarely does CNN engage in censorship to the extent of applying a “blur” to images unless there’s some nudity or a close up of an actual dead body. But this week their sister network, Headline News, finally found an image too objectionable to air. It was a gentleman (identified as a hero) from New Jersey who had saved a toddler from a sweltering hot vehicle. So what required the blur? He was wearing a Trump 2016 shirt. (Daily Wire)

Left-wing CNN’s sister network HLN blurred out the Trump 2016 logo of a man’s t-shirt it interviewed for a human interest segment on Wednesday. The man was being interviewed for his rescuing of a baby left unattended in a hot car.

Steven Eckel was wearing a blue Trump 2016 t-shirt during his initial interview with HLN, which was broadcast live. During a subsequent re-airing of the interview, however, HLN’s production team blurred out his t-shirt logo.

On Tuesday, Steven Eckel, 53, rescued a 4-month old baby from the back of a hot, locked car by breaking a window the vehicle to remove the child.

The hero, Steven Eckel, originally appears in clips from the scene of the rescue wearing a red Rutgers Scarlet Knights shirt, but when he’s contacted for his big interview he’s switched into a blue Trump shirt. I realize that this sounds like one of those stories that’s too bizarre to be true so you’ll probably have to see it for yourself. Here’s the hero in question being interviewed by CNN’s Christi Paul. (YouTube video from Becket Adams)

Here’s Becket’s video of the original clip before the censorship crew got hold of it, just so you can see the evil, offensive shirt for yourself.

When I flipped on CNN Headline News this morning the very first image which greeted me was Donald Trump himself delivering his immigration speech last night. So video of the man himself is suitably “safe” for the airwaves, but his campaign logo on some guy’s shirt is a bridge too far? Several of the networks seem to have completely thrown in the towel this year – at least on some of their shows – in terms of even feigning an unbiased approach to this election. I’ve had to take a few days off from watching Morning Joe recently because the non-stop, grade school level insults have become too much to handle. In fact, that’s how I wound up watching Headline News for at least part of the morning. HLN tends to cover a lot more fluff pieces, human interest stories and non-political news than the main feed at CNN. For that reason, I’d expect to see less bias out of them if anything. That made this incident of blurring all the more shocking.

I don’t know if the recently tightening polls mean that Donald Trump still has a reasonable shot at winning or not, but if he does it will be against the stiffest headwinds I’ve ever seen in a US election. The media is out in full force trying to tip the scales in Hillary’s favor, so it’s rather amazing that he’s even within striking distance.


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