Peaceful protesters push, pelt and spit on Trump donors in Minnesota

I’m old enough to remember the good old days when everyone was terribly concerned about Donald Trump rallies and how his supporters would probably go all nutcase on the world, turning violent and gunning down random passers by if they happened to feel like it. After all, what else would you expect? Thankfully, all of the forces opposed to Trump are far more civil, expressing their discontent with his candidacy in the form of strongly worded letters to the editor or prayer circles calling for peace. Take for example, the events outside of this meeting with fundraisers in Minneapolis. (The Hill)

Protesters pushed, verbally harassed and spat on donors attending a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday night, the Star Tribune reported. The Minneapolis Convention Center area became unruly as attendees left after the event, according to the newspaper.

“Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center,” the Star Tribune’s Patrick Condon reported.

Trump never appeared in public, according to the report.

Notice how the local coverage still chooses to invoke the phrase, “peaceful protesters” (the Minnesota Immigrants Rights Action Committee) before getting to the highlight of the events outside.

For example, in this video tweeted by a Star Tribune photographer, we see two dangerous looking fundraisers leaving the event. You can see what a threat they must be to the community as demonstrated by the mask-wearing peaceful protesters who come running up from behind them and begin pelting them with debris. Sure… they may look like they’re well past retirement age, but you never know with these Trump supporters. The woman might whip an assault rifle out of her dress jacket at any moment.

And here are the peaceful protesters attempting to stop the motorcade after the event.

Over at the New York Post, Mary Kay Linge picks apart a few more video clips and digs up these items for the highlight reel.

Video posted to social media shows demonstrators, some masked, landing punches on an elderly man, picking the pocket of a teen, and verbally harassing an African-American attendee as he pushed his way through a shouting crowd to the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Other clips show protesters burning an American flag. One black-clad man leaped onto the windshield of an SUV in the Trump motorcade.

Yeah. Trump is certainly the problem alright. (/sarcasm) Does anyone really believe this is an isolated incident? I suppose they might if they restrict their news consumption to one or two cable channels, but the reality out on the streets is quite different. I don’t know if all of these folks are all pro-Hillary liberals, #NeverTrump spoilers or a mixture of the two, but the result is the same.

It’s 2016 and this is apparently democracy in action.