Video: Morning Mika and Donny Deutsch beg GOP to save Donald Trump from... himself

Here’s some light Saturday afternoon entertainment for you in case you’re not watching the various athletes from around the world brave the Zika infested sewage of Rio. I flipped on Morning Joe yesterday during the first one hour block to find Scarborough absent and Mika Brzezinski attempting to host the panel with her voice largely wiped out from laryngitis. While some of the discussion was hard to make out, she was engaging regular panelist and New York entrepreneur Donny Deutsch on the subject of Donald Trump.

Rather than the usual coverage of the latest negative polling or the outrage of the day over whatever Trump said at his last rally, Mika seemed to be pleading with all the Republicans who have endorsed the Donald to get him out of the race. Not for the good of America, or even to prevent any damage to the GOP, but to save Donald from himself and the ruination of his brand and future business opportunities. Check out the video. (Fast forward to the 2:30 mark for this exchange)

Real Clear Politics has a good summary of the spectacle along with some of the background. It begins with Mika declaring that Republicans must all disavow Trump if they want to help him.

“You’ve got to pull your endorsements,” Mika said on Friday’s Morning Joe. “Like please don’t make me or anyone at this table on television. I get it. But don’t make us the ones to tell you.”

“You need to pull your endorsement,” Brzezinski demanded. “You need to do something. You need to lead. We are begging you to lead. And, Donnie, we can talk about this a little more but this is hurting his business. Talk about The Biggest Loser, a show on NBC, he could end up being the biggest loser. He could lose this election huge and his brand could be damaged forever. At this point that is where he is going. And we haven’t been wrong about him so far.”

This is a fascinating exchange because both Brzezinski and Deutsch are quick to point out how much they “like Donald as a person.” But Deutsch goes on to say that he finds Donald the candidate to be “repugnant.” He goes on from there to issue a stern warning to Trump that his brand, allegedly valued at $3B or more, is sinking in worth and may soon only be rated at one billion or even less. His property values may plummet! This is apparently the Morning Joe version of an “intervention” which so many have claimed that Trump requires.

“You want to get him to pivot? Your net worth is dropping, buddy. You say you’re worth ten, you’re probably worth one and that’s probably now half a billion. That’s the way you get this guy to turn because that’s all he really cares about.”

Thank the Lord that Donald Trump has such good friends who care so much about him and are willing to help save him from himself. That’s some tough love right there, folks.