You won't see Mississippi's state flag at the convention

When you are watching the parade of delegates from each state march in and take their places in the audience for Hillary Clinton’s big party you’ll see all manner of hats, buttons, stickers, costumes and flags. Well… except in the case of the Mississippi delegation. They won’t have the last item on that list because they decided that their own state flag was too offensive and took it down. (Fox News)

The Mississippi state flag will not fly at the Democratic National Convention.

It was removed from its posts inside and outside the arena, as the Mississippi Democratic delegation and protesters agreed that it was offensive. The flag features the stars and bars symbol of the Confederacy in the upper left corner of the rectangular flag that also has three stripes — one red, one white and one blue.

Vallena Greer, a Democratic delegate from Mississippi, told the Washington Examiner she saw the flag on the Mississippi delegation’s post inside the convention hall and immediately took it down.

My seat in the press gallery is less than fifty yards from the Mississippi delegation and I can attest that I didn’t see a flag, but then again I wasn’t really looking for one at the time. It’s completely believable, though. What I have to wonder is what sort of unanimity there was on this decision and if everyone else agreed with Ms. Greer’s decision to “snatch it and throw it under the seat.” (For the record, I just checked and don’t see anything resembling a flag under the seats today.)

I get that these people are Democrats and I realize that their flag has the Confederate symbol woven into the corner. If you’re a Democrat you have standing marching orders to be against that. But… come on, man. It’s your state flag! And you’re there representing the state. Aren’t we taking pettiness to a whole new level here? Then again, this is the national convention of Democrats and I suppose you don’t want the other states giving you the side eye.

On a side note, they don’t seem to be offended by everything to do with the Civil War here at the convention. I just ran into these guys in the lobby after lunch.


I suppose as long as they’re representing the winning side it’s all good. Still makes me kind of sad, though.