Berners not going quietly into that good night

We’re back here in Philly for the penultimate day of the Democratic National Convention and contrary to what you may be seeing on MSNBC all day long, there is nowhere near a unanimous consensus regarding the general election ticket. The Feel the Bern crowd is still here and while some of them seem to be resigned to destiny, others are continuing to rouse rabble. There were several groups of them out in force this morning expressing their concerns over Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine who is scheduled to speak tonight. America Rising got in early and obtained a copy of the flyer they were handing out detailing Kaine’s perceived lack of a sufficiently progressive record.

As Tim Kaine prepares to take the stage tonight at the Democratic National Convention, he’s poised to become the next speaker to “Feel The Bern” from the legions of still-disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters.

After railing against the DNC for preventing them from mounting a formal challenge to Kaine’s nomination, an organized group of Sanders delegates were still on the attack against Kaine on Wednesday morning, passing out handouts blasting him for being insufficiently progressive at a press conference.

The handout cites Kaine’s positions on coal, labor issues, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as proof of is unsuitability, and includes the results of a poll of 285 Sanders delegates, where a whopping 251 described Kaine as an “unacceptable” vice presidential pick.

You can read that list of specifics and quickly come to the conclusion that the Sanders – Warren wing of the party is incensed over the fact that Kaine has occasionally shown flashes of what most conservatives would think of as sanity. He’s far more accepting of fossil fuels and their place in powering the nation for the foreseeable future, he remains concerned over job outsourcing brought on by some trade agreements and apparently isn’t a loud enough cheerleader of the unions. (Wait… did anyone check to see if this guy is actually a Democrat?)

I spoke to one Midwest delegate outside the convention center (still wearing her Bernie Sanders buttons) who said that the Clinton team “should have their heads examined” for picking Kaine, implying that it bordered on being a direct insult to the Sanders supporters. That’s not too much of a mystery because he does seem rather far afield from the likes of Warren and the hard core populist / socialist wing of the party.

The thing to be watching for tonight is what sort of reception Kaine receives during his introduction and remarks. The pro-Hillary crowd definitely outnumbers the more vocal Sanders supporters by a wide margin and they will try to drown them out with cheers. But it was a sizable group that staged the walkout yesterday and a good night’s sleep doesn’t seem to have calmed them down any this morning. If the Boo Birds are out in force tonight it will be another hazy moment marring what was supposed to be an “All Together Now” festival in Hillary Clinton’s coronation.