DNC Chair is "quarantined" and will not speak at Dem convention after #DNCLeaks

The response to the contents of the DNC Leaks emails has been fast and furious, to borrow a phrase from the Obama administration. The already simmering anger among Bernie Sanders’ supporters has had a fresh dose of gasoline tossed on the fire just as everyone is arriving in Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton’s big victory celebration and the party can smell trouble brewing. Much of the anger among their ranks is focused on DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was long suspected of rigging the primary in Hillary’s favor – a suspicion which increasingly seems to be confirmed by the contents of those emails. In response, we learned this morning that Debby Downer has decided to abandon her speaking role at the convention, likely to avoid an embarrassing spectacle if the hall erupts into boos and cat calls. (CNN)

The head of the Democratic National Committee will not speak at the party’s convention next week, a decision reached by party officials Saturday after emails surfaced that raised questions about the committee’s impartiality during the Democratic primary.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose stewardship of the DNC has been under fire through most of the presidential primary process, will not have a major speaking role in an effort “to keep the peace” in the party, a Democrat familiar with the decision said. The revelation comes following the release of nearly 20,000 emails

One of the Democrats speaking to CNN on condition on anonymity simply said, “She’s been quarantined.”

You remember what a “train wreck” the Republican convention was supposed to have been? At this point the Democrats may have a much, much bigger problem on their hands. I’m seeing Democrats on Twitter (not just Republicans) running up the #DNCLeaks hashtag and looking for answers to say the least. Bernie Sanders’ campaign chief has come out demanding that someone be held accountable for what’s been revealed in the leaked emails thus far. The Democrats had already built a wall around the convention center (which must be a pretty delicious irony for Donald Trump) but now they may want to think about adding some razor wire to the top.

The virus of unrest seems to be spreading. When Clinton held her press conference to introduce Tim Kaine as veep pick, security had to give the bum’s rush to a protester who yelled “DNC Leaks!” as soon as Hillary thanked Wasserman-Schultz for introducing her and for her “leadership” in the party. Is this the signal of unity that the Democrats have been hoping for? There may be divisions remaining in the Republican ranks, most recently highlighted by Ted Cruz’s convention speech, but Clinton has problems of her own. I’ll be down in Philadelphia at the convention center later today and will report back to you on what is increasingly looking to be a spicy, interesting encounter in the City of Brotherly Love.