Watch the reaction as CNN's Chris Cuomo claims Hillary Clinton "did nothing illegal"

Not that this will change anything in the Department of Justice and their handling of prosecution of politically popular figures from the administration, but there was a rather historic moment in the history of media bias this week. Appearing on CNN, Carl Bernstein found himself discussing Hillary Clinton’s email server situation and how it was brought up at the Republican Convention with Chris Cuomo. Yes, this is the same intrepid reporter who was once tasked with conducting a hard hitting interview with his own brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, now embroiled in plenty of ethics investigations of his own. Bernstein begins by pointing out that James Comey pretty much defined, chapter and verse, how Clinton violated the law in terms of gross negligence, even though he declined to call for an indictment, but Cuomo jumps in gamely to argue that Clinton obviously must not have done anything illegal. Bernstein’s reaction is priceless. (Newsbusters and MRC TV)

At 7:45 a.m. ET, after Bernstein painted Dr. Ben Carson’s speech attacking Clinton as “preposterous,” Cuomo suggested that it was “preposterous” for Republican convention goers to believe she “knowingly sent classified information to people who were unsecure.” As Bernstein began decrying her handling of her work email as “indefensible,” Cuomo jumped in to defend her:

CHRIS CUOMO: But “preposterous” doesn’t make it ineffective. What we’re hearing on the convention floor is she knowingly sent classified information to people who were unsecure. That’s not true, according to the FBI director, but it’s true inside.

BERNSTEIN: What she did is indefensible. What she did — and Comey made it very clear, and one of the things that’s happened is-

CUOMO: But not illegal.

This is one of those moments where the text truly doesn’t do the story justice, so watch this brief exchange for yourself.

The Comey v. Clinton story has already been told more times than I could count and we don’t need to go through it line by line here yet again. The reading of the statute in question was clear, particularly in terms of gross negligence and the transmission of classified material. Comey was also absolutely unambiguous in detailing not only the fact that Clinton both sent and received such material, some of it classified at the highest levels, but that she should have known better. Still we find Chris Cuomo spinning the story for CNN’s viewers in a way which blatantly contradicts the facts and attempts to give Clinton a clean bill of health.

At this point, one has to wonder if CNN will turn around and assign Chris to cover any stories about his brother and the Buffalo Billion, along with the rest of the cash scandals currently boiling over in the state government at Albany. He may as well get the job, since he’ll probably approach the facts with the same degree of journalistic integrity as he did with the Clinton story during this interview.