Video: Congresswoman describes how nearly being kidnapped made the Second Amendment personal to her

Regular Hot Air contributor Dustin Siggins has a great interview today with Tennessee Congresswoman Diane Black in which she describes a particularly harrowing incident in her life from two decades ago which gave her a whole new appreciation for gun rights and the Second Amendment. Representative Black was the victim of an attempted kidnapping, a situation which very likely could have resulted in tragedy. After that, personal protection and responsibility took on a new meaning and led her to her current views on one of our fundamental constitutional rights. You can read the entire interview at The Stream.

One Congresswoman, however, says that not having a weapon made her an easy target nearly 20 years ago, when three men broke her cheekbone and attempted to force her into their car.

“I was on the campus of Vanderbilt University in broad daylight,” Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) told The Stream in an exclusive interview. “I had just returned from meeting with a facilities staff member about renting out a meeting room on campus for an event for my women’s group at church. I was walking to my car when I noticed a nearby vehicle backing up to my location on the sidewalk.”

“Three young men exited the car and headed towards me. I immediately felt a sense of panic I have not felt before or since. I started to run away, but they quickly caught up to me and tackled me to the ground. They tried to pull me into their car, and I began screaming and trying to resist. Eventually, they gave up at the sight of a nearby bystander.”

The attackers broke her cheekbone and ruptured a disc in her back. “The police later told me that if my attackers had successfully dragged me into their vehicle, I would have never returned.”

The Congresswoman also sat down to discuss this transforming event with radio host Ralph Bristol last week. Check out the video of that conversation.

Dustin does a great job with this interview and it’s a subject of increasing importance as Democrats attempt to use the tragedy in Orlando as fodder to pass new gun control measures. Give it a look.