The Bryan Pagliano deposition will go forward and it will be videotaped

Team Clinton still has a lot of business in front of them and it’s not all related to the presidential campaign. Hillary’s ill considered private bathroom email server is lurking out there somewhere and the questions continue to pile up. Thanks to a ruling from a judge today, the former Secretary’s IT guy, Bryan Pagliano, will be going ahead with some testimony on the subject. And despite the objections from his legal team, the entire affair will be captured on videotape. (Washington Post)


A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the deposition of a former State Department staffer who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server to go forward and to be videotaped.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan denied a request by attorneys for technology specialist Bryan Pagliano to bar the recording of the deposition before lawyers with the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch…

In his brief order, Sullivan said Pagliano’s videotaped deposition would be sealed consistent with other interviews. He asked the parties to pick a mutually agreed upon date before the end of June for the deposition, which originally had been planned for June 6.

Just to be clear, this is a completely separate action from the FBI’s investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing on Clinton’s part. This hearing stems from the suit brought by Judicial Watch (who by this point really should be up for some sort of lifetime achievement award in government accountability) claiming that Hillary Clinton undercut the Freedom of Information Act by squirreling away communications in secret which should have been available to the public from her time in the State Department. This civil lawsuit may not land Hillary in the slammer, but it could have other consequences in the long run.


The question which remains outstanding is what, if anything, Bryan will be saying during this deposition. He’s already stated that he plans on pleading the Fifth, so this videotape may be nothing other than his repeating that statement of his constitutional rights over and over again. What then? The Daily Caller examined this question last week when Pagliano announced his plans and they believe that the judge in the case would then be amenable to ordering Clinton herself to be deposed.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan approved limited discovery of several Clinton aides and State Department officials earlier this year in the Judicial Watch suit. He has also said that “the deposition of Mrs. Clinton may be necessary” based on what’s learned during discovery…

“If Plaintiff believes Mrs. Clinton’s testimony is required, it will request permission from the Court at the appropriate time,” Sullivan has ruled.

The Bill Clinton appointee laid out a narrow set of parameters for discovery. It had to focus on the handling of Freedom of Information Act requests for Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin. Questions about the creation of Clinton’s private email server are also allowed, Sullivan ruled.

As we previously learned, Pagliano only received limited immunity from the FBI, meaning that he couldn’t be prosecuted using any of the information he provided to them during their interviews. He’s not free an clear from any prosecution, however, so he can still take the Fifth here. And assuming he does, the judge seems to have left the door open to dragging Hillary Clinton in to fill in the blanks. Since she’s maintained from the beginning that she “did nothing wrong” at any time, it would be rather awkward for her to plead the Fifth. Who knows what interesting doors might be opened at that time?


Stay tuned. It may be a hot time in the courtroom soon.


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