Socialist presidential candidate calls other socialist presidential candidate a "sellout"

Have you been keeping up with the news about that socialist guy running for president? No… not Bernie Sanders. I mean the other socialist guy. His name is Mimi Soltysik (yes… he’s a he) and he’s running for the White House on the Socialist Party USA ticket. If you haven’t seen him on any debate stages or registering in the polls, that’s because the vast majority of the country is still in possession of at least some of its faculties, thankfully, but let’s give credit to the guy for at least trying.


One thing we do know about Mr. Soltysik, however, is that he’s not a fan of Bernie Sanders. It’s not just differences on specific policy points or how much they each hate capitalism. This socialist just feels that Bernie is too much of a squish and doesn’t veer hard enough to the left. (LA Times)

As Los Angeles activist and aspiring officeholder Mimi Soltysik ponders the Democratic ballot in the race for the White House, the words he blurts out include warmonger, imperialist and status quo.

And that’s before he even turns his attention to Hillary Clinton.

Not every leftist is enamored with Bernie Sanders. Some see him as a sellout.

“He has had a long history of support for war,” said Soltysik, who is running for president under the banner of the Socialist Party USA. “And he has also had a healthy support for Israel, which we tend to see as an apartheid state. Some things he has done and advocated for are completely incompatible with a responsible socialist program.”

There’s one other aspect of the interview with Soltysik which caught my attention and I wanted to share it with you. (Emphasis added)


“This is such a critical moment for the U.S. left,” Soltysik said as he leaned forward in a threadbare, leopard-print chair that sat in the middle of an apartment cluttered with alt-rock memorabilia and cat toys.

Yes, a dingy apartment full of cat toys is pretty much how I picture the home of a successful socialist running for president.

But it’s not just the actual American Socialist Party that’s getting in on the act, and not all of the really far, far Left activists are angry with Bernie. The Green Party is so excited that they’re still hoping to recruit him to their cause.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein implored Sanders in a letter last month to ditch the Democrats and “explore an historic collaboration to keep building the revolution beyond the reach of corporate party clutches.” She said in an interview that Sanders never responded.

Asked before he took the stage at a Santa Monica rally Monday whether he was considering the offer, Sanders’ reply was curt with a hint of grumpiness: “No.”

Stein is undeterred. She envisions a migration toward the Green Party, whether Sanders is on board or not.


Bernie could have run on the Green Party ticket any time he wanted to. The problem is, he actually wanted to win rather than just make a statement with a bunch of lunatic fringe types. But hey… good luck, Greens. Maybe he’ll change his mind once the Superdelegates toss him out of Cleveland on his ear.


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