Chaos at the Nevada Democratic convention, Sanders supporters boo Barbara Boxer

The violence and incivility at these Republican political events is simply intolerable. I don’t understand why voters would put up with such rudeness and the fundamental breakdown of what is supposed to be the proud tradition of our great American experiment. If the GOP continues on this path, the voters will surely reject them in November and…


Wait. What? This was the Democrats? (Daily Caller)

Upset Bernie Sanders supporters booed California Sen. Barbara Boxer , a Hillary Clinton supporter, during a contentious Nevada Democratic Convention Saturday.

“We need civility in the Democratic Party, civility,” Boxer said as Sanders supporters booed the senator. Clinton won the Nevada Caucus and received more delegates than Sanders at the Saturday convention. Bernie supporters upset with the convention results started chants of “recount.”

One Sanders delegate at the convention yelled, “Fuck Hillary and Fuck the DNC” during his speech.

Boxer didn’t manage to make much of an impression on the Sanders supporters. Let’s go to the video.

The Sanders people were upset that the various stages of the convention process in Nevada had produced Hillary Clinton as the winner and awarded her more delegates than Sanders. But you may be noting at this point that it was just rudeness and loudmouths causing trouble. At least there wasn’t any violence, right?

Not so fast there, Skippy. (American Mirror)

“So much for unity,” she said, as a man could be heard yelling, “Sit down!”

Meanwhile, another video showed a man lying on the floor near the front of the room.

“Stay back,” a person shouted.

We need a medic in the front, we need a medic in the front,” a woman could be heard saying.


I saw a few clips of Boxer having boos ringing in her ears on the Sunday news shows, but only briefly. None of the other “high spirited” activity seemed to be found newsworthy. It seems to me that if anything approaching this level had happened at a Trump even this weekend it would be the only thing on cable television today. Expert opinionators would be wringing their hands and talking about how far we’ve fallen as a society and how Trump was about to end the centuries old rise of civilization. But when it’s the supporters of Bernie and Hillary facing off or shutting down the free speech of Barbara Boxer it’s apparently just all part of the process.


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