Video: Brady Campaign clearly thinks that criminals all follow the law

If they didn’t pose such a threat to the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, the Brady Campaign could arguably take their act on the road as a comedy troupe. One of their most recent publicity stunts was to feature a Funny or Die video showing how “criminals” can use a web site which tracks the relative strength of gun control laws in various states to plan their next crime spree and vacation. The actors attempting to portray criminals in this skit are about as threatening as a marshmallow and banana sandwich, but their message is even more laughable for anyone who knows anything about crime and gun control. Let’s start with the video itself.

Advertisement is a criminal’s best shot at a getting a gun… no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Check out this video to see the states most friendly to criminals because of their loose gun laws that make it easy for criminals to buy, carry, or even traffic guns. Visit

The “criminals” earnestly advise against going to certain states with heavy handed gun control laws because it will be so hard for them to obtain weapons and carry out their crimes. With no apparent sarcasm intended, they go on to list California, Connecticut, Maryland and New York as places to avoid. Wait… what?

It was only a couple of weeks ago when we covered the five cities which account for a two year spike in gun murders here in a country where crime rates are otherwise decreasing. Two of them were Los Angeles and Baltimore. And New York City isn’t that far behind. Connecticut is usually a bit calmer, owing more to economic conditions than any gun laws, but they know all too well the damage that can be done when criminals steal guns and go on a rampage. Are these people serious?

Our own Jenn Jacques at Bearing Arms brought this laugh riot to my attention and points out perhaps the largest fallacy on display. Wait… criminals follow the law?

Because criminals follow laws, right?

The Brady Campaign goes on to make a myriad of intentional ignorant gun control lies, but since their comments are (predictably) closed on this video, we can’t fight them one-by-one to correct their zombie gun control lies that just won’t die…

Maybe this Hartford, CT criminal failed to use the Brady Campaign’s, or perhaps these stolen guns in California will be melted down by the “good guys” who stole them and made into playground equipment in impoverished neighborhoods… cuz that’s what criminals do.


I suppose a video like this will be a big hit with Second Amendment opponents who are already in complete denial, but this skit is truly only funny for the level of abject denial of reality on display. A more accurate one would have shown the criminals packing up to head to precisely the states they are told to avoid because there’s far less chance of their being shot while engaging in criminal activity. But then, logic and truth have never been hallmarks of the Brady Campaign.


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