Listen: Rush Limbaugh reviews Going Red

There was an unexpected and pleasant moment on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday, as Rush jumped into what can only be described as an enthusiastic endorsement of Ed Morrissey’s new book, Going Red. Rush’s take is funny, but at the same time clinical as he discusses the electoral balance in key sections of swing states and how Ed’s book hones in on those voter populations with ideas for reaching the people who will eventually show up at the polls.

Key quote, with only a mild language warning… “Ed Morrissey’s book kicks ass.”

Listen to this segment of the show.

A partial transcript follows, but you can get the rest of the entire segment at Rush’s website.

The book is out recently, “Going Red.” It’s not about communism; it’s about red states versus blue states. But his point is that two million voters are going to determine who wins the presidency. Two million voters in seven counties across the country. I’m not gonna tell you which counties. One of the counties is in Ohio, one’s in Florida, one’s in Colorado. But that’s as far as I’m going to go.

They are seven battleground counties in swing states that the Republicans have to win if the Republicans, and, more importantly, conservatives are going to win this presidential election. Every one of these seven counties voted for Obama in one or both of the last two elections. But all of these seven counties are now battleground, meaning up for grabs because of how bad the Obama administration has been. And the door is open in these important seven counties for Republicans to win them, and if they do, it is Ed Morrissey’s theory here, that they will thus win the presidency.

Thanks, Rush!

Addendum (Ed): Rush has been incredibly supportive of me for years both here and at Captains Quarters, and definitely of Going Red. So please add my thanks to Rush as well, and to Jazz for this nice write-up.


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