Brady Campaign responds to NRA fairy tales by... shooting a child in the face

We owe a hat tip to Aleister at Progressives Today for this one because the debate over Second Amendment rights may have just hit a new low. You may recall that we previously covered the release of some Second Amendment friendly reboots of Grimm’s Fairy Tales for the NRA, created by our friend Amelia Hamilton. That clearly didn’t sit well with anti-gun groups, particularly the Brady Campaign. As the Washington Free Beacon reports, they responded with a frank, well researched argument about how these portrayals are unproductive and offered alternate suggestions for crafting a more nuanced, accurate argument.


Naw… I’m just kidding. They produced their own fairy tale which features Alice of Wonderland fame shooting herself in the face.

A new ad from a prominent gun control group features the main character from Alice in Wonderland shooting herself in the face with a handgun.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence published the ad titled Alice PSA to its YouTube page Thursday. In it, Alice can be seen following the white rabbit through wonderland when she comes upon a room with a cabinet. In the cabinet she finds a gun, which she then shoots herself in the face with.

“Over one-third of all American households have a gun,” a voiceover says as Alice pulls the trigger. “Ask your neighbor: Is there a gun where they play? Asking saves kids.”

That likely sounds so implausible as to border on science fiction so you should probably take a look for yourself. Don’t worry… it’s pretty short.


As you can imagine, Amelia wasn’t thrilled with their take on it.

What is it with these anti-gun groups? The original fairy tales – as I’m sure most people would agree – are pretty horrific and filled with violence as it is. But the violence is generally directed at the heroes and heroines of the story or innocent bystanders and supporting characters. In Amelia’s version, the characters have the chance to defend themselves and actually resolve some conflicts through intimidation rather than actually having to kill, skin or burn the evil-doer.


The Brady Campaign clearly chooses to go a different route. They’re so desperate to have some violence, preferably at the hands of someone with a gun, that they portray a young child unloading a handgun into her face. As if the original fairy tales weren’t scarring enough for kids who are trying to get some sleep!

This is just sick. There’s really no other way to describe it.


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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on December 02, 2023