Chelsea Clinton: mom will help alleviate the "crushing costs" of Obamacare

I’ve pointed out in the past how former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is a young woman of privilege and little to no substance, but she has somehow found herself working the campaign trail this year. Her inexperience and apparent lack of skills were on display yet again this week as she spoke to a crowd of mostly young Democrats in Wisconsin, seeking to bolster her mother’s chances there in the upcoming primary. Considering how one of Hillary Clinton’s driving themes this season is to campaign on a promise of essentially delivering a third term for Barack Obama and “preserving and building on the successes of Obamacare” going forward, it was an odd choice for her daughter to commiserate with the crowd over the “crushing costs” of the health care under the program. (Inquisitr)

Chelsea Clinton says that her mother, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will do something about the “crushing costs” of Obamacare medical insurance.

Obamacare celebrated its sixth birthday this week…

“The campaign has routinely deployed the former First Daughter to college areas where her mother is not popular,” the Post added.

This is a classic gaffe as per the Washington DC definition. The fact that health care costs have soared under Obamacare, rather than decreasing as was originally promised, has been beaten to death in the media for ages now. By this point it seems to simply be baked into the cake, but it’s still probably the last thing the Democrats want to hear from one of their own surrogates out on the campaign trail. Not only are premiums up pretty much across the board, but the high deductibles which are part of Obamacare policies mean that most low income families who can’t afford the top tier plans are still paying nearly all of their routine medical costs out of pocket for the most of the year. The Clinton daughter was at least refreshingly honest in discussing those problems, as well as speculating on what her mother might do about it.

[A] cap on out-of-pocket expenses. This was part of my mom’s original plan back in ’93 and ’94, as well as premium costs. We can either do that directly or through tax credits. And, kind of figuring out whether she could do that through executive action, or she would need to do that through tax credits working with Congress. She thinks either of those will help solve the challenge of kind of the crushing costs that still exist for too many people, who even are part of the Affordable Care Act and buying insurance…”

Is Chelsea Clinton invited to any of the campaign strategy meetings? Is there nobody on Team Clinton coaching her before she goes into these campaign events? Apparently not, because those or some brutally honest but politically unpalatable choices she’s laying out. Recognizing that Obamacare has failed to control costs (and even helped drive them up) is sort of admirable, but the proposed solutions are even more frightening. Executive action? So a President Hillary Clinton would just sign a letter demanding that insurance companies charge less even if it drives them out of business? The only other option offered is additional “tax credits” which means that the burden of adjusting those costs will come from additional hits to the pockets of taxpayers. That’s a serious Devil and the Deep Blue Sea choice.

Perhaps it’s time for Chelsea to head on back to her well appointed home and look after the family or do some yard work. This isn’t the first time her efforts on behalf of her mother have been less than helpful. She previously told a different audience that her mom was planning on extending Obamacare to illegal aliens. Even more recently, she admitted that the Democrats had zero chance of taking back the majority in the House.

With friends like these, Hillary really doesn’t need any more enemies.


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