DNC Chair: This election isn't about Hillary Clinton's emails

For someone who claims that the Democrats are in the cat bird’s seat in terms of winning the election this fall, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz certainly seems to have a chip on her shoulder. She enjoys going on camera with friendly media outlets and talking about Republican “dysfunction” and her party’s excellent positioning for the general election. But if you ask her about Hillary Clinton’s looming legal problems over her email scandal, her tone changes quickly. That’s what happened this week when she went on Fox News and had the obvious and uncomfortable question put to her yet again.

“There is an investigation, period. “ Schultz continued, “I thought she [Hillary Clinton] was right to say she is comfortable, 100% confident that there is no issue there and that she has been completely transparent and she handled the email process correctly and according to the letter of the law.”

She added, “She has released 55,000 pages of emails; This election is not about Hillary Clinton’s emails, her opponent Bernie Sanders has said that. It’s about whether or not we are going to be able to help people who feel like they are not on the firmest ground right now, have more confidence and be able to make sure they can help their kids be better off and make sure they can make the middle class.”

Well, she’s at least right about one thing. The election isn’t about Hillary’s emails… yet. But it’s a rather weak defense to cite Bernie “sick of hearing about your damn emails” Sanders as your point of reference. If Sanders had any edge or grit to his campaign style he would be at least obliquely referencing the FBI investigation at every turn. What precisely do the Democrats plan to do if they host a Clinton coronation in Philadelphia and she winds up being indicted in the following weeks? That’s the sort of headline that doesn’t make for very good bumper stickers.

Just yesterday we looked at the position James Comey finds himself in and whether or not he will be dropping such a case at the feet of Loretta Lynch. But Hillary still sounds confident and so does Debbie Downer for that matter. Do they have reason to be? That once again depends on whether or not the President has been talking to his Attorney General about this entire situation. If there was any reasonable chance that somebody would be coming to visit Clinton with an invitation to show up in court, wouldn’t the party be edging away from her by now? It just seems like you’d be seeing a lot more support for Bernie Sanders as the “safe” choice for this fall if they were really worried about it. With all of the news leaking out of the FBI and the various Inspectors General offices it certainly sounds as if the likelihood of an indictment would be at least 50-50 by now, so why take the chance on a candidate who might be immediately disqualified?

Every time I consider that question, however, a second one comes to mind. An indictment is not the same thing as a conviction and the process to get to that point could take many months if not years. Are we now such a partisan country that Hillary’s voters would show up and pull the lever for her anyway rather than seeing a Republican elected? Some Democrat insiders are already expressing glee at the prospect of a Trump nomination, predicting that it will turn out liberals in droves this November.

The Democrats should probably take a long, hard look at who she picks as her running mate. They might wind up in office sooner than expected.


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