The classiest, most luxurious victory speech of the campaign thus far

After a knockout victory in Mississippi and what appears to be at least a TKO in Michigan, Donald Trump took to the stage in Jupiter, Florida for his latest victory speech. Keeping with his new habit, he treated it as a press conference again, delivering remarks followed by questions from the press. (Strategically stationed behind some of his cheering supporters.) Before he even showed up, though, you could tell that everyone was in for a particularly luxurious event by the display on the flag draped stage. Check it out.


Yep, that’s Trump Champagne, cases of Trump vodka, flats of Trump water and a pile of Grade A Trump Steaks. (A careful examination by the press indicated that the steaks were mysteriously labeled “Bush Brothers.” They also sell steaks in the area.) It was a well attended soiree.

As you’ll see, Trump’s speech starts out with another bid for reconcilliation, talking about how he hopes that the party will “embrace” his victories and focus on the long game. He even gets in some nice words about Speaker Paul Ryan. After that, though, he can’t resist a few digs at “Little Marco” and “Lying Ted Cruz” along with any others who have wronged him.

There’s nothing much more for it but to get to the video. Credit where credit is due, despite all the negative ads and social media bombardment, Trump’s people delivered a couple more big wins for him and it’s difficult to argue that his momentum has stalled.

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