Major Clinton Foundation donor (and Swiss citizen) contributed thousands to US elections

At some point, assuming the media ever gets over its endless fascination with all things Trump, I’m still silly enough to wonder if they will get around to doing any more investigation of the money pit in which Hillary Clinton and her associates have been swimming for all of these years. The Daily Caller has dug up yet another fascinating entry in this category dealing with an old associate and generous donor from the Clintons’ impressive circle of wealthy friends. This particular benefactor, named Hansjorg Wyss, might be in a bit of trouble however. You see, he’s been giving a considerable amount of money to the congressional campaigns of several Democrats over the years. Nothing too unusual there, except for the uncomfortable fact that he’s not a US citizen and that’s against the law.

Hansjorg Wyss, a billionaire Swiss citizen and multi-million dollar Clinton Foundation donor, gave 30 contributions to American political campaigns over a nine-year period, according to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Federal law has imposed a strict, across-the-board ban since 1966 on foreign nationals giving to U.S. political campaigns. The ban was later included in the 1974 Federal Election Campaign Act. The only exception is for foreign nationals who possess a green card. The ban applies to all levels of political campaigns.

Wyss donated $41,000 to seven congressional candidates and to four national political action committees from 1998 to 2003, according to Federal Election Commission records under the name of Hansjorg Wyss.

This could get interesting very quickly, though possibly with no immediate, direct impact on the Clinton Campaign. The DC has dug into this guy’s background thoroughly and it looks like there’s absolutely no way he should be able to legally make campaign contributions. He has owned property in the Unite States and spent a fair amount of time here, but is on record as noting that he’s an E-2 visa holder with a Swiss passport as his “only identification” and is “a true Swiss.

If he at least had a green card he could make campaign contributions, but a visa isn’t going to do the trick. All the money he gave to those various campaigns and political groups needs to go back and the US authorities will likely want to have a word with him. (Of course, given the lack of luck we’ve had in getting known pedophile rapist Roman Polanski back from the Swiss I wouldn’t hold my breath.) But Wyss’ ties to American interests run much deeper. He’s in very tight with Clinton national campaign director John Podesta, having once paid him $87,000 for “consultant” services at the same time that Podesta was a high level consultant to President Obama. It probably goes without saying that he’s given millions to the Clinton Foundation as well.

But there’s more to read at the link. This guy is currently facing racketeering charges in Washington state and was previously tied up in a case where some of his former company executives went to jail after multiple people died in some sort of drug testing program. (Wyss miraculously escaped charges.)

These are the folks that the Clintons run with and millions of dollars have been changing hands for a long time. Will anyone in the media bother doing a deep dive on this material, or would that just be too inconvenient during the hustle and bustle of an election year?


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