The Ed Schultz Super PAC loses Ed Schultz after raising... $25

The last time we heard from dismissed MSNBC host Ed Schultz he had run off to join Russia Today. This followed a long run as the lead in to an evening lineup of talkers where he managed to rack up ratings which were frequently beaten by reruns of Gilligan’s Island. During that time, he constantly provided news coverage and opinions on labor unions while being on their payroll. But things seemed to be looking up for Ed, at least for a while. Not only did he have a new gig shilling for Vladimir Putin’s government, but he’d been tapped to help launch a Super PAC which would ostensibly fight for the rights of everyday working Americans.


Ah, well… the best laid plans, as they say. Evan Gahr at the Daily Caller reports that the PAC has fallen on hard times and Schultz is now leaving that job as well. Perhaps “fallen” is the wrong word because it implies that they were once doing better. The truth is, the PAC never really went anywhere. (Emphasis added)

Behemoth broadcaster Ed Schultz has quietly resigned from the super PAC he founded shortly after his career imploded in part because of Daily Caller coverage of his disastrous trial for breach of partnership.

What a loss for Democrats…

The super PAC, which boasted a tony headquarters at a downtown Washington UPS Store, reported receiving a $25 donation and a $100 loan during its first three months of operation.

Even more impressive, the group announced that it owed $10,345.44 for legal services and $3000 to a web design company.

It disbursed zero dollars.

Let’s take a quick look at Ed’s latest farewell message on YouTube. (It’s only two minutes long.)

In just a couple of minutes, Ed tells us quite a bit about Americans for a Strong Middle Class.

“It was well intended.”

“It’s above board and operating.”

“I just don’t know when I’m going to have time to do Americans for a Strong Middle Class.”

“I gotta be pretty realistic with my time. I’m spread pretty thin doing two things right now.”


I wonder how many people (if any) signed on to that immediately floundering ship and put their careers on the line for it? They had a known brand name from the liberal left heading it up and it probably looked like a good move. But as Ed admits in the video, he never asked a single person or group for any money for the PAC. After raising a whopping 25 dollars, their star is walking away, leaving the rest of the people involved with an essentially dead horse to whip. Nice, Ed. I’m sure all of the other people involved will be just fine so there’s no need to worry.

I wonder if Ed was drawing a salary from them? And if so, will he give the money back? Sounds like he did pretty much nothing for them to earn it.


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