Clintons embark on new listening tour... with donors

When you’re running a presidential campaign you do a lot of traveling. It’s just part of the job and all the candidates have likely gotten used to it by now. With a Democratic caucus coming up in the Silver State in six days, Hillary Clinton is no exception, and she and her family have a jam packed schedule ahead of them this week. The one curious thing about the itinerary is that virtually none of the projected stops are in Nevada. Instead, the Clinton Clan is dashing around the country to talk to big dollar donors. (Washington Times)

Campaign fundraising rises to new heights Monday when Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s campaign embarks on an unprecedented and astonishing money-making jag through nine states. Either Mrs. Clinton, former President Bill Clinton or daughter Chelsea Clinton will be present at every one of these events, which command entry tickets ranging in price from $1,000 to $27,000 each. This is a very determined family unit. Here is how the logistics shake out:

Mrs. Clinton will attend three “conversation”-style fundraisers in Florida on Monday, her daughter will be in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio followed by Shavertown, Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton is in New York City for two appearances, including one with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, followed by a third in McLean, Virginia. Wednesday is the busiest of all: The candidate has three events in Chicago, Chelsea Clinton attends one in Omaha and one in Mission Hills, Kansas, while Mr. Clinton has three events in New York City

Wow. That adds up to 17 fundraisers spanning the nation in under 72 hours, each stacked with people who can afford to donate in the four figure range at a minimum. Talk about a candidate of the people! And again… not one stop to chat with the people of Nevada who will be voting on Saturday. I wonder what Bernie is up to? I see he had a packed hall in Vegas yesterday, (video) and he’s got a couple more stops out there later this week after a quick trip to Michigan.

Sanders seems to be willing to work for the votes, so what’s up with Hillary? She spends all of her time at the debates countering Sanders’ claim of getting all of his funding “from the people” by talking about her 750,000 small donors. Now that the race is heading to Nevada, though, she’s ignoring the voters there to tap the deep pockets of big money donors seventeen times in three days? There’s three ways to read this particular set of tea leaves and I’m not sure which one is the most likely.

1. She’s so confident in her internal polling that she’s determined that she can’t possibly lose Nevada, so she’s filling up the piggy bank while she has the chance.
2. She thinks the polling in Nevada looks so dismal that she’s just going to lose again anyway, so she may as well cash in.
3. She’s fired the last campaign adviser who had a clue how to win a national race and is now just dashing about like a ship without a rudder.

Number one seems unlikely. I’d love to see it be number two, but in my heart I’m starting to think that option three is the best bet.


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